Dose al-Qaeda own a nuclear weapon? The private secretary to bin Laden answer me ..


the interview of Amir of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

«Abu Bassir Nassir Al-Wuhayshi»

with journalist AbdulElah Shyea

  1. – How did this interview happen?
  2. – Why Yemen?
  3. – Al-Qaeda operations
  4. – The system (democracy, ruler, constitution, the authority and opposition)
  5. – The project and program
  6. – Al-Qaeda, Taliban and the nuclear arms
  7. – How did this interview happen?
  8. – Why Yemen?
  9. – Al-Qaeda operations
  10. – The system (democracy, ruler, constitution, the authority and opposition)
  11. – The project and program
  12. – Al-Qaeda, Taliban and the nuclear arms


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  • Introduction

When he speaks the listener understands that these words are of sheikh Osama bin Laden, and if one wanted to meet sheikh Osama he had to pass through him, he had finished 20 years when he left Yemen to join Al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan, the Taliban movement have seized power there and established its Islamic Emirate that embrace the Muslims from all over the world.

 The interviewed

Abu Bassir, or Nasir Abdel Karim al-Wuhayshi, Amir of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), before being an Amir he was a secretary for the Amir of Al-Qaeda sheikh Osama bin Laden, he was one of those who witnessed next to sheikh Osama bin Laden the 9/11 operations or what Al-Qaeda likes to call the “Two Gazwahs of New York and Washington”, and the “Blessed Tuesday operations”, and on the other side the Americans describe it as “Black Friday”, the day Bin Laden defeated us.

The second man in Al-Qaeda Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri in late November 2008 that he is “the Amir of the mujahidin in Yemen, and yes he is a good brother, companion, Murabit, patient who seeks reward from Allah”, and made Dua to give him and his brothers victory over what he called the crusade and its allies.

When Abu Bassir left his country, Yemen, he had received Sharia knowledge from several sheikhs and Ulema in the Sharia knowledge centers in Yemen, and according to what he told me is from what he learned is that “knowledge is for action” so he decided to join Afghanistan, considering that as an “obligatory Hijrah for the sake of Allah which is a requirement to achieve Iman and jihad” and the Taliban had used the term Muhajirin for the non-Afghans in a clear resembling for the Medina society established by Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be  upon him, which consisted from Muhajirin and Ansar.

Those who joined Al-Qaeda camps carried nicknames of Muhajirin and Ansar who were men who did heroic acts in the dawn of Islam from the Sahabah may Allah be pleased with them, and one of those nicknames was Abu Bassir in a strong bringing for the actions of that first generation, and a confirmation that the motives of this battle are ideological.

  • How did the interview occur?

Almost four months passed on the first offer to me to do an interview with one of the wanted, they suggested to do an interview with the Amir, they said to me: “Send to us your questions?”, but I explained to them that I will send the themes of the questions and wish for an open interview containing interactive questions, after less than one month from sending the themes of the questions Al-Qaeda in Yemen agreed to do the journalist interview and set one condition to do the interview, and I accepted it, and the I began to come closer the head, after a series of complicated security procedures for Al-Qaeda I managed to reach an unknown location – at least for me – I opened my eyes to find myself in a simple room with a group of young men, Amir Abu Bassir told me that most of them are from the land of the Haramain (Saudi Arabia), in front of them were working laptops I knew later that they were prepared to serve me and to show me what they have, they stood up and welcomed me and hugged me warmly, one of them who maybe from the most wanted today in Saudi Arabia was wearing an explosive belt.

Who accompanied me told me that those brothers are from the media, and introduced me to some of them: “This Munzir, Ziyad and Ashraf”, and I welcomed them and sat.

I looked at their features and all of them used to smile every now and then, and their ages were between 17 and 24 years, after a short while of observing the faces and my surroundings quietly, they left their work and came to me asking me about the latest news? I didn’t wish to enter to a dialogue and was satisfied with routine answers, keeping the talk for what I came for, after a short while a masked armed group entered to the room quietly, followed by who accompanied me to this place to inform me that the “Sheikh” is coming I didn’t recognize who is the “Sheikh”, I said to him: “You mean Amir Abu Bassir?”, he said: “yes”, I couldn’t distinguish him from those who surround him like a bracelet around an arm, all were masked headed by a slim short young man, with dark skin with a face with a beard that isn’t thick, he hugged them strongly like they haven’t met for a long time, everyone kissed him on his head, and my turn came, he came near me and shake hands with me and hugged me and his smile didn’t leave him and his eyes didn’t leave my eyes to make me feel safe, he called me to sit next to him, and they raised a banner behind him with the phrase “lā ʾilāha ʾillā-llāh, muḥammadun rasūlu-llāh”, I talked with him in a direct dialogue about the banner for not to leave for silence space.

  • A side dialogue before the interview

I said to him: This is the banner of the Islamic State of Iraq.

He answered smiling and moved his eyes towards above: “This is the banner of all Muslims”.

I said to him: “But by this design it is the banner of the Islamic State of Iraq.

He repeated what he said with a high and firm tone in his voice: “This is the banner of all Muslims”.

We exchanged welcoming talk and he asked me about me and my news, I took the opportunity of the question to prepare the environment for the dialogue, and kept ease in his soul and the souls of the attendees when I answered him: “You are the makers of the news and the world is following you, and we the journalists invest your actions and works”.

He said: “You do not follow us properly while we follow what you publish”.

I said to him: “Many journalists aren’t aware of your sources and your contact with the press and media is weak, you contact directly with the masses”.

He smiled and said: “we will see, will you publish the complete interview?”

I aid to him: Insha’Allah, I will be keen to publish it without editing, and this is your opinion I will not interfere in it, I will do an interview with you like any other person, and report it with accuracy, that is my role as a journalist even if I disagree with you in all that you say.

He said: we will publish it also through the Fajr Media Center and Al-Malahim Media of the organization.

I said to him: “Give me some time to publish it first and to have a scoop, and you set timing”.

Then I took the initiative: “will we begin the interview?”

He said: “After we do the hospitality”, he offered some hot and cold drinks, and they kept before me food and I shared it with them.

Didn’t expect that that will be Amir Abu Bassir, which did coincide with what I imagined, he left me in a confusion that made me wonder, from where does this young man draw his strength?

The interview

Abdulelah Shaye: Readers and listeners welcome, we are before the Amir of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, with a group of his followers from the land of the Haramain and other countries, and for the first time face to face with the press, welcome in this interview, welcome Amir Abu Bassir.

Abu Bassir: الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وأصحابه أجمعين

Welcome and greetings to the press, reads and listeners.

A.S: You took the name of the honorable Sahabi Abu Bassir may Allah be pleased with him, what attracted you to his character to carry his name?

A.B: Alhamdulillah, the honorable Sahabah are our grandfathers and fathers, and we are linked to them by lineage and religion, the honorable Sahabah may Allah be pleased with them are the ones who transferred the religion to us, and they are sons of the Arabian Peninsula, and they witnessed the sending down of the revelation, and the honorable Sahabi Abu Bassir may Allah be pleased with him we are linked to him through this and also the link of jihad for the sake of Allah since he was the first to begin the guerrilla warfare which practice today and which will make us reach to the thresholds of the Khilafah Allah willing.

A.S: But that honorable Sahabi in the guerrilla warfare – as you described – used to intercept the convoys of the polytheists and plunder and kill them and he died and the ruler of the Muslims – the messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him – was pleased from him, while you intercept the convoys of the tourists and Mustamanin and the ruler of the Muslims in Yemen isn’t pleased from you, the names are same but the actions differ?!

A.B: There is no comparison between the messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and the enemy of Allah Abu Jahl, and even there is no comparison between Abu Jahl and the treacherous agent Ali Abdullah Saleh, who lost chivalry andgallantry and introduced to the religion of the Muslims what is not in it, so the comparison here isn’t correct, as for the Mustamanin you mentioned in the question it is not permitted for them to enter the Arabian Peninsula and we have warned them several times and who gave them the Aman has no legitimacy, Abu Bassir may Allah be pleased with him used to intercept the convoys of Quraish, and today the polytheists convoys are all over the Arabian Peninsula which our messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and our custodian ordered us that they shouldn’t enter to a Peninsula where the noble revelation was sent down on Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and today the Peninsula of Islam and its waters the crusaders convoys pass in it to strike our Muslim brothers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and also in Yemen.

A.S: Today Palestine is being slaughtered everyday, where are you from it, Gaza cried for help but you didn’t answer it?

A.B: Our master Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him before the conquest of Palestine liberated the Arabian Peninsula from Shirk and Mushrikin and from its rulers who used to work as agents for the Byzantines and Persians the two superpowers of that era.

And today is similar to yesterday; the rulers of the region today are conspiring on Palestine and the first of the two Qiblas, and work as servants for the Jewish crusader campaign under the leadership of America.

As for the Ummah it is yearning for jihad and the world heard loud in the demonstrations the people demanding jihad, and they are with their sons the mujahidin, and we went to Afghanistan only to prepare to liberate Palestine, but before entering to Palestine we have to end the encirclement around it from the treacherous rulers, who betrayed the Ummah and Millat.

In reality Palestine is encircled by ring countries that were imposed by the crusader campaign, and who believes that Palestine will be liberated before breaking the encirclement of the traitors around it then he is dreaming and blowing in ashes, Saladin rahimahullah to liberate Bayt Al-Maqdis began by liberating Al-Sham and the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt from the traitors and agents from the Kaffir polytheist Ubaidis (Fatimids), and when he liberated the internal front he immediately went to capture Bayt Al-Maqdis.

Also the actual supporter of the occupation in Palestine is America and Europe, so we have to destroy them and destroy the crusader interests spread in the Arabian Peninsula including Yemen, so we have to strike it to support Palestine and prepare the generation of support which have been promised by the messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and it is the generation that will go out from Yemen to liberate Al-Masjid Al-Aaqsa Insha’Allah.

The crusade on our people in Palestine or Iraq or Afghanistan or Somalia uses the Arabian Peninsula as a base for them, and the navies and bases of the Americans, British and French in the Arabian Peninsula are only to protect the Jews in Palestine from the support of the mujahidin reaching them, and the rulers of the Arabian Peninsula, including the ruler of Yemen serve the crusade campaign and they mock at the people in the media and give them words only, but practically they are the real supporters of the campaign, so Ali Abdullah Saleh supports the crusade with all kinds of logistical and military support to fight our brothers in Palestine.

A.S: OK, go to any neighboring country with Palestine and begin from there if you believe that the solution is by breaking the encirclement of the ring countries, or you think that you will support Palestine when you kill the tourists and Mustamanin in Yemen?

A.B: Yes, by killing those there is support to Islam, and the people of Islam oppressed everywhere, because those are part of the crusade, by making the Muslims busy from preparing for the generation of jihad and martyrdom, since those who enter under the pretext of tourism are in fact one of three, either a preacher to Christianity, and the news reports about Christianization in Yemen speak of scary numbers, or callers to pornography and spreaders of lechery and immorality, and the spread of Discos andnightclubs that are run or visited by them regularly is only a sign, as well as the increase of the rates of those infected with HIV, or they are spies on the Muslims, and those in Guantamoa who guarded and investigated with the mujahidin there were previously tourists, they enter the Muslim lands under the pretext of tourism while in fact they are intelligence and military officers for the crusade.

A.S: But the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said that Yemen is a land of support and not a land of war where you run a war?

A.B: And to achieve support we have to break the encirclement and dismantle the ring for the believing groups to go out to support the religion of Allah on earth, and the programs of the crusaders in all Yemen only focused to prevent that support, and Ali Abdulah Saleh turned Yemen from the land of support to the people of Islam and Muslims everywhere to a land of support for the Zionist crusade campaign, and those whom you call tourists are a direct part of the crusade, they are similar to the American, British and French bases concentrated in the Arabian Peninsula and regional and international waters, and also the Yemeni islands, also the companies that plunder our petroleum resources and divide it with the obscene traitor rulers, the Ummah doesn’t benefit from the petrol money, nor the tourism money, rather the crusade which a big part of it concentrates on the war on our oppressed people in Gaza and Palestine and its surroundings.

Then we despite of the encirclement send support to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, and even to Palestine, Alhamdulillah,  but the Hamas Movement unfortunately refused to accept the Muhajirin they went there when the Rafah crossing point was blown up and it even got them out from Gaza Strip, despite of that we with the grace of Allah are getting closer to Palestine day by day, we are now in a stone’s throw from the Masra of the messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him in Iraq, and this has been said by Amirs of jihad there Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi rahimahullah and Amir Al-Muminin Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi may Allah preserve him – Amir of the Islamic State of Iraq: “we are fighting in Iraq and our eyes are on Bayt Al-Maqdis which cannot be retrieved except by a guiding Book and a supporting sword, and it is sufficient that your Lord is a guider and supporter”.

The mujahidin have fired rockets in December 2005 from Southern Lebanon against the occupied north Palestine, but the intelligence of Hezbollah arrested those mujahidin and handed them over to the allies of the Zionist crusader campaign there, the Lebanese government, and the mujahidin hit the Aqaba port – occupied Eilat in August of the same year, and the mujahidin gathered in Naher Al-Barid to prepare and train near the borders of Palestine, but the crusaders, Jews and their allies attacked them to eradicate them, and the whole world witnessed what happened at Naher Al-Barid, and the heroic epics that were written by the heroes of Fatih Al-Islam for more than one hundred days before the global alliance, and the support the Zio-cusader alliance, and the conspiracies and betrayals from the inside and the Islamist community which calls itself moderate, and the vanguards of the mujahidin and their support from Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula prepare to liberate Palestine, all Palestine, Insha’Allah, and the groups will meet there in the environs of Bayt Al-Maqdis as have been promised by messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

A.S: But Abu Bassir apparently your operations doesn’t cut what you consider the aid and bases for the Zio-crusader campaign rather it is the interests of the Muslim people in Yemen and terrorize the secure civilians, who have nothing to do with the crusade?

A.B: Like what? Give me one example? The mujahidin in their operations do not trivializes or are carless regarding the infallible blood of the Muslims.

A.S: I will give you one example, you killed Suzan Al-Bana and her husband at the gates of the American embassy, and you killed fasting Muslim soldiers on that day of Ramadan, then you considered it a Ghazwah similar to the Ghazwah of Badr corresponded with its date? Aren’t those infallible blood?

A.B: As for who guards the embassies of the crusade either it be America or Europe or who runs in its orbit, and who made itself a servant to it from the ring countries, it is shame on him to see the rockets of the Americans striking and tearing the children of Gaza, and the White phosphorus bombs burn our women, children and people in Iraq and Afghanistan, then he goes to protect who kills our Muslim people everywhere, and leads a crusade allied with the Jews to eradicate Islam?

How did this military man lose his heart and mind when he protects one of the dens that fights Allah and His messenger? And protects and defend an embassy that conspires on Islam and Muslims every day, and spies on them, and arrests, questions and kidnaps, and the story of the arrest of sheikh Al-Mu’ayyad may Allah release him from captivity is only rings of this conspiracy and hatred of the Zio-crusade that comes out from such dens and embassies, so how can a military man claim to be a Muslim who fasts and prays Qiyam Al-Layil protect who fights Allah and His messenger everywhere? And defends who make Yemen a back base to run its dirty operations against our Muslim people in Palestine, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula.

Those who were killed in the embassy weren’t killed in the market or in a mosque, and they weren’t killed in the locations of their gatherings, rather they were killed in the den of Cunning and deception, the global crusade and this is a shame on them, this is Abu Righal who guided Abraha Al-Ashram of Abyssinia to demolish the Ka’aba who was stoned later by the Arabs, but today who many we have from Abu Righal from soldiers, Amirs and ministers, and all these are from them.

As for the rest of the people, they are a Muslim people and Alhamdulillah it is the Yemen of Iman and wisdom, and the messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him mentioned it in 40 Hadiths or more than 40 Hadiths, when did we target or say Takfir of the Muslims?! Alhamdulillah the people are Muslims, we do not say of its Takfir or consider their blood permissible, and history is a witness for this, the Yemeni people is a patient mujahid Muslim people, even most of the people fighting in the fronts of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia are from the sons of the Arabian Peninsula.

A.S: But you know that this military man is ordered and does his duty and obeyed his ruler and his orders, because those Americans and Europeans entered Yemen by agreement with the ruler and with a covenant that they won’t be harmed and under his protection?

A.B: What ruler gives a crusade a covenant? When they do not give the Muslims a covenant? Neither in Palestine or Iraq or Afghanistan or the Arabian Peninsula! You are a journalist and remember that the crusade entered Yemen with its armed drones and killed mujahid sheikh Abu Ali Al-Harithi rahimahullah and his brothers, how could they kill us in the land of Islam? This ruler which you call as legitimate and say that he gives a covenant and keeps oath kills Muslims in the land of Yemen? This ruler gives them protection to kidnap and lure the Muslim Ulema and harass and besiege them, and arrest the mujahidin among them and kill them if they weren’t able to arrest them? How could one be a ruler for the Muslims who trivializes the blood of the Muslims and says that he doesn’t object that the Americans kill twenty Yemeni Muslims because the crusade sees them as terrorists? He isn’t a ruler of the Muslims, and obeying him isn’t permissible, and he should rebel against it with the sword and depose him by force, this one who trivializes the blood of the Muslims, and gives support directly to the crusade.

And this soldier should know that there is no obedience for a created in disobeying the Creator, so if one ordered him to cooperate the crusade led by America or protect it or defend it let him say I disown from you I fear Allah the Lord of the worlds, and let this soldier have confidence that the provider is Allah Almighty, if that soldier believes in Allah and the hereafter, but if he insists to be an aide to the crusade under the leadership of his treacherous agent ruler who is obedient to the Americans can only blame himself because Allah Almighty says (and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them) and he was safe from the punishment in this Dunya then the punishment of the hereafter will be more painful and worst.

A.S: What about Suzan Al-Bana and the innocents who have nothing to do with protecting what you describe as a Zio-crusade or cooperating with it or you killed Suzan Al-Bana just because she has the American citizenship?

A.B: No we do not kill a Muslim with infallible blood, we don’t kill even the Americans just because they are Americans, the Muslim American is our brother who has our rights and obligations, and who is allied to the crusade is my enemy even if he was my father, loyalty is to Allah, His messenger and the believers, then the seven martyrdom seekers may Allah accept them with their sheikh martyr Lutfi Bahar rahimahullah the commander of the operation, didn’t go to the gates of the embassy to kill Suzan or other, rather they went to launch a raid against the den of the embassy, the den which conspires against Islam and Muslims, and killed the crusader Americans and who cooperates with them inside it, and the martyrdom seekers didn’t target Suzan Al-Bana and her Husband rahimahumallah, and the mujahidin call their Muslim brothers everywhere to not come close from the locations of the zio-crusade campaign, either they were embassies, diplomatic missions or hotels and nightclubs under the pretext of tourism, or culturalmissions and other forms of the Zio-crusade campaign, which are various and numerous in the military, political, media and cultural field.

A.S: What about oil and tourism installations in Yemen, which are from economic jointsand tributaries of development in the country, also oil installations most of the workers in it are Muslims and you targeted them?

A.B: Alhamdulillah, we never targeted the workers, the operation aimed to destroy the installation and the brothers chose the target and timing accurately, the brothers came immediately after Al-Fajr Salat from the back fence of the  installation and didn’t enter from the main gates of the workers fearing that they might encounter many of them and they might be killed, they have accurately determined their target. (meaning the Safir and Daba oil installation that was targeted by Al-Qaeda in September 2006, and Abu Bassir had told me that it was by orders and instructions from Amir of Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi rahimahullah).

Then this petrol the Muslims do not benefit from it, it goes to the oil refinery in Aden to provide the Zio-crusade campaign and supply it with life, despite that the oil and gas belong to the Muslims which they should benefit from it, but Ali Abdullah Saleh gave it an endowment to the crusade that kills the Muslims and besiege them with warships everywhere, and you can still remember the USS Cole which was destroyed by the mujahidin with the grace of Allah, what was it doing in the port of Aden? And where was it going? It was taking supplies and its crew was preparing to land recreation and stroll and get pleasure from the honors of the Muslims, and it was going to besiege the Iraqi people that resulted in the death of more than 1.5 million Muslims in Iraq, the USS Cole conducted that siege from the sea, this is the petrol of the Muslims going to the crusade, and its price goes to the pockets of the treacherous agent rulers to run their battle with the people from the inside, they suppress them and train their armies and police and security to kill us in the streets and demonstrations, and arresting the secure in their homes and terrorize them, and make them busy with the discos and nightclubs, poverty and hunger, so that they do not interact with the causes of their brothers in Palestine, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, and name them forget with every mean what is happening to the Muslims.

As for the tourism originally it is impermissible for the Kaffir either he be a Jew or Christian to enter to the Arabian Peninsula and staying in it under the pretext of tourism or other, and this issue has been decided by the Ulema in their books and peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said in his famous will: “Expel the polytheists from the Arabian Peninsula”, and peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: “Two religion cannot remain in the Arabian Peninsula”, and Omar may Allah be pleased with him expelled them from Najran and Khaybar, and the Ulema mentioned conditions for their entrance and stay in the Arabian Peninsula, including that they enter for trade or carry a letter, or for a science which the Muslims do not have or they need it, or to learn Islam, and it is impermissible for him to stay forever in it rather it is temporary, and he is given entrance by the Muslim ruler and under conditions, not to slander Allah, His messenger and religion, and not to preach to his religion, and not to harm a Muslim and other, and if he did anything of that it is permissible to punish him and take his money, this is the restriction which should be mentioned in the Sharia Fatwa.

A.S: You speak like that there is no legitimacy or covenant or oath for president Ali Abdullah Saleh, despite that he is the legitimate president according to the constitution and the elections where he was elected by the people, and he can run the relations with other countries in the way that he sees in the interest of the Ummah and he knows better?

A.B: What elections? What are these elections? The forged elections as witnessed by the Muslim and Kaffir, and the righteous and evildoer that it is forged, fabricated and is considered distraction and lies, despite that we do not recognize the democratic system which the elections are done according to this system, we do not elections and the principle of elections and choosing the ruler is recognized by Islam, but not through democracy, because democracy is a legislation that is Comparable to the to the legislation of Allah, and the elections in the religion of democracy equalize between the Muslim and Kaffir, and the righteous and evildoer, while choosing in Islam is Shura between its people, and the outsiders from the Kuffar and evildoers have nothing to do with what the people of Islam choose for their interest and in running their affairs, democracy is a new religion brought by America and imposed on the Muslim peoples, to grind it at the ballot boxes, and to use it to tear the Muslim Ummah, and stirring hatred and hostilities among them, in a cheap compete on the Dunya and parliament seats, which they get from it personal material privileges and utilitarian interests for them alone, also it is a foxy deception to empty the youth of the Ummah, instead of raising and preparing them to defend the sanctities of the Muslims and their land from the external enemy, and support the Muslims, they are achieving victories with fake papers in theempty boxes, and its outcome is ruling with Allah hasn’t revealed, and suppressing the people with the majority and claims of democracy.

The deceit of elections, is a plot to burn the energies of the youth of the Ummah, until the crusade gains time to crush our people Gaza, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Waziristan, and it is a foxy method to harass, separate and tear apart the Muslims, and make them busy with themselves so that they don’t turn to the main battle with the enemies of the Ummah, and the rulers are Conspirators in it and cooperating in everything, and Ali Abdullah Saleh always declares that he is democratic, and he didn’t take from democracy except crippling the Sharia of Allah, since democracy is based the legislation of the majority and not the governance of the Sharia, and we cannot accept the legislation of the majority in what Allah legislated for His slaves, or else the masses and the majority will be a god worshiped with Allah, since it permits what it wishes and forbids what it wishes, and the proof for that is the injustice, corruption and oppression in the country from this regime, and Allah forbade injustice on Himself, but the majority recognized it and practiced it in economic doses that forced the maiden to go out to sell her honor, so the injustice became an enforced legislation in all the aspects of life under the name of law, usury is prohibited by Allah, but the majority recognized it in their parliament, they acknowledged that the usurious loans are Halal, and the usurious Central Bank is Halal, so by that it became Halal despite Allah have prohibited it. So Ali Abdullah Saleh is not a legitimate ruler realistically, the people do not accept him and didn’t elect him as I have mentioned, and he is not a legitimate ruler because he committed several nullifications of Islam.

A.S: OK suppose he is a ruler that is dominant by force, you know in the Islamic Sharia that the ruler who is dominant by force – who is still a Muslim – it is not permissible to rebel against it especially that the Ulema of Islam in Yemen give recommendation of him and they do not speak about what you Al-Qaeda are speaking about?

A.B: No… no, he isn’t a ruler who is dominant by force this has another ruling, this one committed nullifications of Islam, and Kufr have appeared on him…

A.S: How did Kufr appear on him?

A.B: It means that he was Muslim then committed acts that expelled him from Islam, with the forfeiture of the impediments of Takfir since he isn’t ignorant or compelled or forgotten or has an explanation.

Firstly: he crippled the rulings of Islam in all aspects of life, the Hudud aren’t executed, the thief hand isn’t cut off, nor the adulterer lashed, or the murderer killed, and crippling the Hudud of Allah, and exceeding it which causes corruption on earth, and the people witness that every day, how many cases of adultery, theft and banditry, and how many cases kidnapping children and selling them and using them in shameful acts.

Islam isn’t ruled in the property of the Muslims, and Islam isn’t ruled in their honors, and Islam isn’t ruled in their blood, and Allah Almighty said: (those are they that are the unbelievers -44- those are they that are the unjust -45- those are they that are the evil-livers -47-) Surah Al-Maeda

Secondly: He allied the Jews and Christians in the Zionist crusader campaign by every mean, so he killed the Muslims by orders from the crusade, Abu Ali and his brothers rahimahumallah and Fawaz Al-Rabiee and Yasser Al-Humayqani and others rahimahumallah and accept them among the martyrs, and arrested the Muslims and the prisons are filled with thousands of the Muwahid youth and arresting them by orders from America that leads the crusade, and spying on the Muslims and helped them to reach some figures  and lure them to arrest and handing them over to America, and opening branches for the American intelligence and FBI in Sana’a to arrest and interrogate with the Muslims in Yemen and spy on them, and even run its battle in the Arabian Peninsula and the African Horn from Yemen, and preventing the Muslims from going to Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia to support their Muslim brothers against the crusader occupation, he even helped the Ethiopian campaign and was the spearhead in toppling the Islamic Courts and luring some of their leaders and brining them to Sana’a to tempt them for concessions according to what is dictated to him by the crusade, and Allah Almighty said: (and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them).

And from the images of his loyalty to the Kuffar and their obedience of them is insertion of the religion of America democracy and enslaving the people to this new religion, and as we mentioned is contrary to dominance of the Islamic Sharia over the laws and rulings and the life of the people, so the legislation according to democracy is submissive to the desires of the people who own money and media and influence to drive the majority according to their desires and schemes, and doesn’t respect the legislations of Allah and His rulings, and Allah Almighty says: (Have you not seen those who assert that they believe in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed before you? They desire to summon one another to the judgment of the Shaitan, though they were commanded to deny him)

A.S: But the constitution of Yemen is Islamic, confirms the hegemony of the Islamic Sharia and that it is the source of all legislations? And around the president are scholars we recommend his regime, and they acknowledge his mistakes and injustices, but they aren’t worthy of his Takfir and rebelling against him with arms?

A.B: The constitution of Yemen deceived the people that it is Islamic, since the articles of the Constitution are above the Book of Allah, and the Sunnah of His messenger peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and not the opposite, and I quote from it articles that break the article that they kept as a Décor to deceive the people, and lie to them that the Islamic Sharia is the source of all legislations, its sixth article in the basic articles of the Constitution approves binding and working with the Charters of the United Nations, international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where are these charters, laws, and declarations from the Sharia of Islam? Palestine was occupied by the charters of the United Nations, and the people were killed in it, and in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and the Arabian Peninsula by the international law, and adultery, usury and sodomy were spread by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where is this from the Sharia of Rahman? To say that we are make the Sharia the only source, then we say we are committed to the legislations of Kufr and the institutions of the Zionist crusade campaign? This is a fallacy and mockery of the minds of the people.

Then there is an article in the constitution the equals between the Muslims and Kuffar? It says that all the citizens are equal in the rights and obligations, even if the citizen was a Jew he has what you get and is on him is what is on you? Rather the Jew is better than the Muslims despite that he isn’t in the ruling of the Dhimi and isn’t committed to the laws of the Islamic Sharia by paying the Sharia including the state of subjection, even Ali Abdullah Saleh and his government revenge for them and seeks to protect them, while the Muslims their blood is cheap this is Abu Ali Al-Harithi rahimahullah the American warplanes enter to kill him, and this is sheikh Mohammed Al-Moayad may Allah release him from captivity, is dragged by America in his chains with his companion with no one to defend them, while for the Jew the whole world stands in rage, and the regime moves its forces to protect the Jews and protect the crusaders and their dens throughout the country, this is contrary to the Sharia of Islam, and Allah Almighty says (What! shall We then make (that is, treat) those who submit as the guilty? – What has happened to you? How do you judge?), and He says: (Is he then who is a believer like him who is a transgressor? They are not equal), and it has been proven in Sahih Muslim that the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: “A Muslim should not be killed in retaliation for the murder of a disbeliever”.

Also the constitution and this article that the Sharia is the source of all legislations is conditioned by the approval of the masses in a general referendum or the majority of the parliament, as been approved by the general laws that restrict the constitution, so O’ worshipers of Allah can the people be questioned about one of the rulings of Allah? Is it permissible to say to them do you want for Islam to rule you or not? (And it behoves not a believing man and a believing woman that they should have any choice in their matter when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter), (But no! by your Lord! they do not believe (in reality) until they make you a judge of that which has become a matter of disagreement among them, and then do not find any straitness in their hearts as to what you have decided and submit with entire submission).

(Have you not seen those who assert that they believe in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed before you? They desire to summon one another to the judgment of the Shaitan, though they were commanded to deny him), and I refer you to the message of brother Al-Murshidi which you will find on the internet about the subject, we advise you to read it for more information and stand on the reality of the matter.

A.S: What about the scholars and leaders of the Islamist movement in Yemen who always say that the constitution is Islamic and the ruler is a legitimate Muslim ruler and it is impermissible to rebel against him, are all of them wrong?

A.B: The scholars and leaders of the Islamic work either they be Ekhwan or Salafists or others are divided to three sections:

The first section only follows his interest, and deceives the people that it is for the interest of the Dawah, and they lie if being loyal to the traitor agent ruler or cooperating with the crusade is for the interest of the Dawah, the leaderships of this section of Islamic work in Yemen have linked its fate to the fate of the American embassy and the European Union, and accepted one of the tools of the crusade in the peninsula of Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and adopted the resolutions of the Americans and Europeans, and their recent coming down to the streets was only to adopt the American and European list and its demands, they didn’t go out for the sake of Allah or serve the religion of Allah or support the Muslims and oppressed and lift the injustice over them, and we say to those people Does it make sense that you claim that you will rule with Islam, and that the interest of the Dawah is in your association with who moves the crusader armies to fight Islam and Muslims in Palestine, and kill our people in Gaza, Fallujah and all of Iraq and Waziristan and insult our religion and prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him? Does it make sense that those people want what is good for you? Go back to your senses, return to your emblem which carries two swords, a Quran and the word “Prepare”, and return to your chants of “our path is jihad” and “death for the sake of Allah is our highest wish, and we advise you and warn you from going too far with the Europeans and Americans who lead the crusade, as your counterparts have  done in Iraq and Afghanistan so they were renounced by the Muslim peoples there because of their betrayal and treachery to the occupation led by America and the West against our Ummah and religion.

As  for the second section who reject the direct European and American dictations and demands, but he stands behind the most prominent tool of the crusade which Ali Abdullah Saleh supporting him with opinion, advice and sympathy, those we say to them, the game of holding the stick from the middle to please all parties have ended, and it is a clear contradiction to the Aqeeda of Wala wa Bara and the Holy Quran, the Almighty says: (O ye who believe! Be careful of your duty to Allah, and be with the truthful), so is Ali Abdullah Saleh from the truthful?

And the third section rejects America and their local agents and their agendas, but he prefers to remain quiet and silent, we say to those for how long will you be like this? Until the soldiers of the crusade and theirs aides drag from by your beards as they did in Iraq, Somalia and regions of Islam when the Ulema failed to do their duty of clarifying by tongue and sword? Isn’t the honor that they violated in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Chechnya your honor? Isn’t the blood of the Muslims equal and asylum offered by the lowest of them in status applies to them all and they are one hand against others as mentioned by the beloved Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Don’t you remember Al-Izz ibn AbdulSalam Sultan of the Ulema rahimahullah, and Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah who spent his life in prison preferring imprisonment and detention rather than to say other than the right which he believes in, where are you from sheikh Omar Abdurrahman in the prisons of the Tagut of our time America from 1993 to this day, may Allah release him from captivity and all the Muslim prisoners.

Are you also better than Hazrat Yusuf alayhi as-salām when he declared the truth? Are you better than the prophets and messengers who were subject to trials, tribulations, detentions and assassinations and plots to kill and displacement and lose of family and money? Are you better than them? The nature of this path is tribulations, and Imam Shafie rahimahullah was asked: “O’ Imam, which is better for a man to be given empowerment or tribulations? He said: “He won’t be given empowerment before tribulations”, where are you from the sincere Ulema and declaring the truth in face of this tyrant Tagut who corrupted the Dunya and religion for the Muslims in Yemen?

A.S: What is your stance from the rest, I mean the nationalist and socialist parties in the country or whom you describe as secularists and others?

A.B: Our stance from them is a stance of Sharia and a stance of Dawah, the Sharia stance is that they have to leave these astray banners – We seek refuge in Allah from this – it is not the methodology of Islam that leads to hellfire, as for the Dawah stance we call them to Allah, and remind them that all the slogans that you raised do not please Allah and they are just claims that failed in its beginning, there is no pride without Islam and who seeks glory without it Allah will humiliate him, we know that many of you longs for freedom and rejects injustice, oppression, subjugation and defeat, but they are taking a wrong path, which the days and years proved that they are only a mirage, and in the end the Tagut divides them with some of their leaderships and sought to please them and win figures from them, and we remind them that it is not nationality or Baathism or Socialism that are repelling and confronting today the Zionist crusade campaign cunning and fierce attack against the Arab and Muslim Ummah, rather who is confronting it are the mujahidin for the sake of Allah, here is what you used to call the super power collapsing today under the strikes of the mujahidin, and the companies are everyday declaring bankruptcy in rapid pace of rupture of this power and its shrinkage, here are the mujahidin today drawing the map of the world once again with their blood, and before that by their Iman, determination, patience and insight to read the reality well and absorbing the changes, and the mujahidin have realized with the grace of Allah that iron only cuts iron, and didn’t acquiesce to meanings, phrases and concepts that came from outside our Arab and Islamic culture and environment as some claim Arabism and nationalism and takes programs and concepts from outside this environment to apply it on its reality and it can never be in harmony with it.

A.S: President Ali Abdullah Saleh says that you don’t have a vision, only kill and bomb, and don’t care who will reach the power after that, does he hint that your operations helps the opposition in breaking the obstacles, so that they be ready to snatch power when it collapses due to your strikes?

A.B: (He laughs and continues) Subhanallah, what is his vision this traitor to the Ummah and religion? Thirty years from plundering the country, and destruction of the country, he destroyed most precious thing, he destroyed the man and his values, morals and beliefs, and corrupted the religion and Dunya of the people, what it his vision? Except gathering the money of the Ummah and smuggling it to the banks of America and Europe, and today he is declaring reduce of the budget after his masters the Americans informed him that his money has been lost in the financial crisis.

Did this ignorant man offer any good for the country? What did he do except spreading usury, adultery and violating the sanctities of Allah? The Poverty rates in a country that exports oil and fish reached a level that isn’t concordant with the size of the wealth in it.

Ali Abdullah Saleh turned Yemen to a rear base for the Zionist crusader campaign to kill the Muslims everywhere; he killed the Muslims and considered their blood permissible, in 1994 he took a Fatwa from one of his ministers of the permissibility of killing the innocents if the Kaffir Socialists barricaded themselves by them according to the Fatwa of that minister scholar then, he killed the people there, then he entered to those regions and dealt with it like it belongs to him and his gang and family, they divided the lands, women, homes and beaches, and plundered the money of the Ummah from official headquarters, then he ascends the platform of deception to address the people as a day of victory! Who are you deceiving? Then he says years later he pardoned you, who pardon who? You and the leaders of the Socialist Party should be hanged in the public arenas; you are killing the people in the central and southern regions for thirty years and poisoning the wells and detonating the streets, and burning the farms.

A.S: But it is clear that the course of your operations doesn’t achieve the goals for the interests of the Muslims especially in Yemen rather it harms them more, it is not clear until now what do you aim form your operations and what is your program?

A.B: Our program is achieving justice and security, and that can only be under the Sharia of Islam which have been crippled by Ali Abdullah Saleh, so we fight to retrieve it to govern the lives of the people, we fight so that all the religion be to Allah, not the majority of public nor the American democracy, ordering is from Allah and forbidding is from Allah Almighty.

As for the Muslims benefit from these operations that depends on what is the people’s concept of benefit, if the interest was a job or salary or to achieve a personal security even if the Muslims get harmed in Palestine, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq then that is a selfish concept of benefit, because we work one Ummah and don’t achieve a benefit in the frame of narrow country or a Jahili factionalism, we are fighting for the sake of Allah and the oppressed, and what happened to us from humiliation is only for leaving jihad and confronting the oppressors and the conspiring treacherous agent rulers.

A.S: But you use extreme violence to achieve your goals, is there no other way to achieve your goals?

A.B: The one who uses force to silence the tongues, crush the people and terrorize them is the agent Ali Abdullah Saleh, while we use force in its right place and Sharia restrictions according to the Sharia politics and the Fiqh of reality which its steps is studied accurately and arranged steps Alhamdulillah, who uses against us proof, evidence and words, we will confront him with proof, evidence and words, and who will use against us force and swords, we will come to him with force and swords and continue our preparation, then fighting for the sake of Allah and the oppressed is associated to spreading the principles of Islam, and establishing the state of Islam, and preserving the edifice of the Ummah from external cracking and penetrations, so the Ummah has to prepare to fight in all circumstances and that never stops, since He who ordered us to perform Salat (Perform As¬Salât) have ordered us in the same form of order to prepare force and the force of arms (And prepare against them what force you can…) this is one of the obligations imposed on the Muslims and it has been crippled by this treacherous ruler, and crippled by the Islamist movements, and it turned to imported concepts from the Kaffir West, and are alien to the Muslims culture, like peaceful resistance, coexistence and dialogue with those who are killing the Muslims and plundering their riches and violating their sanctities and insulting our prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

We also don’t use extreme undisciplined force as other parties have done then the media tries with his cunning and lying to exaggerate the actions of the mujahidin and intimidating the people from them, it is not we who shelled Sana’a by Scud missiles, and it is not we who poisoned the wells and mined the streets and violating the sanctities, and it is not we who killed 20 Muslims demonstrating before the American embassy when they came out shouting in sympathy for the Muslims Iraqi people that was shelled by the crusade of 2003, we didn’t kill the people in the streets and hit them with batons and come out with tanks to crush them in the spontaneous demonstrations against hunger in July 2005, it is not we who shelled the villages and homes with warplanes and killed its inhabitants.

But it is the cunning of the oppressive treacherous agent, whom his policy is instigating fights between the Muslims, so he portrays the mujahidin as enemies of the Ummah, and portrays that the Ummah is hostile to the mujahidin, and strike one side against the other and it enjoys a stable government as long as the other are busy with themselves, while we see the reality on the ground the Ummah embracing its sons the mujahidin, and the cunning of that treacherous agent will fail Insha’Allah and will return back to him.

And the Ummah knows well who are its righteous mujahid sons no matter how much the deceivers tries to deceive them, and because the Ummah understands well it embraces its sons Alhamdulillah from Sa’ada to Hadramout to Sana’a to Aden and Hodeidah to Al-Muhra, and the Ummah knows that we don’t do jihad pointlessly not indiscriminately, rather it understands that we destroy the dens of evil, and we are in cohesion with the sons of the Ummah to overthrow this traitor, and return Yemen to the prophetic situation accepted for us by Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him, it is a land of support as the prophet peace and blessings be upon him said: “When Allah sent me Sham was in front of me and Yemen was in my back, and he said: “Sham has been made for me a war spoil and sustenance and Yemen an aid for me” we are the security belt so that the Muslims won’t be defeated from our side.

A.S: With your actions, do you think it will drive out the Americans or what you call the Zionist crusade campaign. Are you sure of that?

A.B: Yes the days proved that this matter is possible, when the Americans came with their crusade on Somalia under the strikes of the mujahidin with the grace of Allah Almighty they fled and ran away from Somalia, they also fled from Vietnam and fled from Lebanon and fled from Aden and every time they run away, so this crusade will be driven out by the strikes of the mujahidin, also the strikes of the mujahidin toppled the usury banks which America depends on it, the two towers fell in 2001, then sheikh Osama bin Laden may Allah preserve him that America lost two trillions by one strike with the grace of Allah from the mujahidin, and the counting is still continuing to this day, the economic crisis is from the results of the strikes of the mujahidin with the grace of Allah.

A.S: You mentioned in your answer “Sa’ada” why we don’t hear from you a stance from the war there, you speak a lot about the Zionist crusader campaign but you don’t speak about Iran?

A.B: Sheikh Osama may Allah preserve him and sheikh Aymen and leaders of jihad have exposed the role of Iran and our stance from it, and our operations against its projects in the region are clear in Baghdad from the time of sheikh Abu Musab rahimahullah, he used to be blamed by many of who are blaming the mujahidin today that they are targeting the Rafidah and fighting for sectarianism, we understood from an early time their danger, and you can return to the valuable research for the martyr sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi rahimahullah entitled “Have the story of the Rafidah reach you?” and it is published on the internet and return to the video “Seven Years on the crusade wars” and other documentaries of the mujahidin that reveal the true image of Iran, and its role in the region and the stance of the mujahidin from its expansionist projects.

As for the war of Sada’a that is an evil plant planted by Ali Abdullah Saleh and sponsored it to irrigate the people in the frame of his treacherous cunning policy, because he never thinks as Allah Almighty wants, his thinks Comes from satanicovertones that decorate for him his falsehood by the devils of humans or Jinn and both of them inspire in one another plausible discourse through guile.

And the war of Sada’a comes as an expansion for the Iranian expansionist strategy and restoring the Persian influence to Yemen, and an attempt to restore their kingdom and empire that was toppled by the mujahidin in the time of Omar bin Al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him that is why they hate and curse him, and slander the honor of Um Al-Muminin Aisha may Allah be pleased with her, and they claim for their Imams infallibility and other such superstitions and myths which they hide under it to fight Allah and His messenger, we understand the seriousness of the situation there, and are surprised from the stances from who attribute themselves to Sharia knowledge and Dawah how could they give a political and media cover up through their partisan conglomerates that blood that is been shed in Sa’ada and other regions? But when the mujahidin attacked the dens of the crusade they raise their voices to Slander anddefame and insult the mujahidin using the Minbars of the messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him!

More than five thousand military men and others were killed by the Rafidah in Sa’ada without adding the locals, we didn’t hear from them except statements of sympathy and mercy and calling to peaceful reconciliation, but when the mujahidin conduct an operation against the goals of the Zionists and crusaders they demand the necessity to eradicate the mujahidin, and hasten to Takfir the mujahidin, one of them say we have nothing to do with Islam, and another says we are Kharijites Takfiris, and they themselves don’t dare to speak about the reality of the Rafidah and their role in destroying Islam through history, and the reality of their project today extending from Basra to Sa’ada passing by Lebanon and Palestine, and temptation and seduction of the leaders of Hamas by the Rafidah in Iran is only to make them fall in the Persian project.

A.S: Yes, you are Kharijites because you rebelled against the ruler, and considered the blood of the people of covenant, and these are the main characteristics of the Kharijites whom the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him warned from?

A.B: (laughs and continues) the Kharijites rebelled against Hazrat Ali may Allah be pleased with him who is promised of Jannah and Allah and His messenger love him as mentioned in the authentic Hadith, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: “I’ll give the banner tomorrow to a man whom Allah and His messenger loves him, and he loves Allah and His messenger”, and the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him gave it to Hazrat Ali may Allah be pleased with him on the Ghazwah of Khaybar, and our rebellion against a ruler like Ali Abdullah Saleh who only shares with Hazrat Ali his name, Hazrat Ali ruled with the Sharia of Islam on the methodology of the prophethood, while the ruler today rules according to his desire and with manmade laws, even Ali Abdullah Saleh gave himself according to the constitution godly authority, we Seek refuge with Allah, for example the ruling of Qisas if it was issued on a murderer of an innocent soul deliberately it is not executed except by the ratification of the president or it cannot be enforced, so the murderer isn’t killed because Allah ordered that but rather because Ali Abdullah Saleh approved it, and he might not approve it, so the issue depends on his desire, the ruler doesn’t rule with the Sharia of Islam and forces the people to accept and practice the religion of Islam then it is an obligation in the Sharia and it is a worship to rebel against him and topple him by force, as for the Dhimis and Mustaamanin we have responded to that previously.

A.S: Abu Bassir today many wonder about your reality and who are you? Before these operations and changes that occurred recently and you were behind many of it. Who are you?

A.B: We are Qaedat Al-Jihad organization, we consider ourselves a vanguard of the Muslim Ummah, and do not fight on its behalf, since the cause of restoring the Islamic Khilafah and giving empowerment to the religion of Allah is the cause of every Muslim, we sacrifice our souls, money and families for the sake of Allah and to defend the oppressed.

A.S: Do you have a specific organization, sometimes we hear about Jund Al-Yemen, and sometimes Al-Jihad Al-Islami, and sometimes Jaish Aden Abyan and other names, and sometimes appear to us a spokesman for Al-Qaeda, and sometimes a special statement for you, are you all that, who are you?

A.B: I told you we are Qaedat Al-Jihad organization in the Arabian Peninsula, and we don’t have another name, and any name that strikes for the sake of Allah, and seeks to implement the Sharia of Allah, and defeat the Zionist crusader campaign, and doesn’t negotiate with the agent traitor who is obedient to the Americans, they are our brothers in striking the enemy.

And we call to unity and uniting the word under the word of Tawhid, and we – Alhamdulillah – have an administrative formation, Amir, Amir Deputy, a Majlis Shura and military, media and Sharia committees.

A.S: Every now and then a spokesman or official spokesman or Amir appear in some of the newspapers, what is their credibility and how do we the journalists receive your media message and statements and publications to know that this is from Al-Qaeda or not?

A.B: Everything issued by us is published by Al-Malahim Media and Al-Fajr Media Center.

A.S: There has been a lot of talk in the media about the surrender of Jamal Badawi and Jabr Al-Banna who are wanted by America and others who handed themselves over to the state, was that by concordance with you or they no longer belong to you?

A.B: They no longer part of the organization.

A.S: You are today the Amir of the organization on the top of Qaedat Al-Jihad organization in the Arabian Peninsula, how was your beginnings with Al-Qaeda?

A.B: Alhamdulillah I migrated to Afghanistan in the time of the Islamic Emirate and trained in the camps which the mujahidin prepared for fighting, and with the grace of Allah I also fought with the Taliban and fought the crusade when it attacked the people of Islam in 2001, and that was the beginning to defend the Muslims and their honors and jihad for the sake of Allah and Hijrah.

A.S: How long did you stay in Afghanistan during the time of the Taliban?

A.B: Almost five years, Alhamdulillah, we were with the government of the Taliban, and we cohabited with that state with the grace of Allah, the Taliban government or the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan established among the people the governance of the Sharia and gave people security and secured the roads Alhamdulillah, and the people were happy with it, the militias and the communist government didn’t provide for them the security provided to them by the Taliban, people want security, they want a decent life, and justice, and no one was oppressed in the Sharia courts in the state of the Taliban with the grace of Allah, the Sharia courts end disputes and rules among the people with justice, and the oppressor cannot oppressed anyone, this is the government of the Taliban that ruled with Islam, and people always when they are ruled by Islam they know the value of this divine methodology that was sent down on our prophet Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, when the Muslims implement this Merciful holistic approach they will know its value, but the people are away from implementing this Manhaj by what have been invented by those crusades and their agents from laws and constitutions that have nothing to do with Islam.

A.S: When did you leave sheikh Osama bin Laden and why did you leave him?

A.B: After we retreated from Tora Bora in 2002 after that there was security situations, we left Afghanistan and went to Iran, to the regions of Ahli Sunnah in Iran, and stayed there until we were arrested by the Rafidah in Iran.

A.S: Were arrested by the Yemeni authorities or handed over by Iran?

A.B: No, after I was arrested in Iran I stayed for almost one and a half month, and then the Yemeni government came with a security agreement with the Rafidah, and came to Yemen in shackled.

A.S: You were close to sheikh Osama, and his private secretary, which means that you stayed with him for a long time and read files unknown to the world, including the controversy in the American intelligence and media about Al-Qaeda owning nuclear or a biological or chemical weapons or any of the non-conventional weapons or weapons of mass destruction. Does Al-Qaeda own such weapons?

A.B: Alhamdulillah this is a Sharia obligation that the Muslims own these weapons to defend themselves and the other matter do the mujahidin really own these weapons? Yes, sheikh Osama bin Laden confirmed in his interview with the Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, he mentioned this and stated that this weapon is with the mujahidin as a deterring weapon, and this is the order of Allah Almighty which the Muslims have to implement and Allah Almighty ordered to prepare, Allah Almighty says: (And prepare against them what force you can), the Muslims have to own this weapon.

A.S: If Al-Qaeda owned these nuclear weapons or deterring weapon, why it didn’t use it in 9/11?

A.B: That was a first message maybe they well understand from the many messages.

A.S: (interrupting) many messages you mean striking America with civil aircrafts?

A.B: Yes, that blessed operation was a message to the American people but they are a stupid nation that only understands by repeating the messages.

A.S: You said in a previous speech for you published in July 2007 entitled “The true promise” that the banner of Islam today is carried by an elite who kept the Ummah on the thresholds of empowerment, and the map of the Islamic world is being drawn once again by the mujahidin? Where are these thresholds? Who do you mean by those elite, when you in Yemen and we only hear from you some bombing operations?

A.B: Alhamdulillah there are many thresholds in Khorasan and Mesopotamia and the Islamic Maghreb and on the outskirts of Mogadishu, all these are from the thresholds of empowerment which the enemy acknowledged many times and also recognized the ferocity of the resistance and the jihad is dominant rather he recently recognized that Afghanistan is 72% under the control of the Taliban Alhamdulillah, and these banners are carried by the elite of the Ummah

(Arabic poetry)

Those are my grandfathers bring me ones like them when we come together Jarir

They are people who harm their enemy when they fight them or benefit their allies

This is an old characteristic in them, the worst characteristic in mankind are the innovations


And from those who we witnessed are Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri and mujahid sheikh Osama bin Laden and they reminded us of the righteous Salaf, and we lived with them a living moving Islam and by this way Islam is a living model, when the Muslim sees before him a living model moving that pushes him to work, I saw the stance of Dr. Aymen may Allah preserve him when his wife and children were killed in Khost, during the crusade, one of the brothers informed him, Dr. Aymen may Allah preserve him said: (Who, when a misfortune befalls them, say: Surely we are Allah’s and to Him we shall surely return – Those are they on whom are blessings and mercy from their Lord, and those are the followers of the right course), then he told us good talk, he said yes this is a sacred war and we choose to entered a war, and my sons don’t have an immunity from death my sons are killed like the sons of the Palestinians and the sons of the Afghans and the sons of the Iraqis they don’t have an immunity from death, those are the elite which the people should be with them, and Allah Almighty says: (O ye who believe! Be careful of your duty to Allah, and be with the truthful).


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