The Wolves in the Cities

By: AbdulElah Hider Shyea

Sanaa December 1st, 2013.

When Obama showed fear from a journalist who had only a pen and a word of truth about America’s lies and crimes, that amounted to an acknowledgment by the White House that America was having its last gasps, and that the Zionist gangs that control America and the West are about to wash their hands off it. The way Obama expressed his fear, when he picked up the phone in haste and called Ali Abdallah Saleh to request that a journalist be thrown in solitary confinement, deserves contemplation.

Indeed, the head of a state, which media conglomerates portray as a world power, could have directed his foreign office to make demands, as they usually do, from their agents in Yemen. The president did not need to personally pick up the phone and give a direct order that a journalist be thrown in solitary confinement for three years.

That the US president had to resort to that reflects the confusion and weakness that America and the West and the Zionist cabal behind them feel in front of the truth that’s tearing the illusion they hide behind.

Indeed, for while the journalist whose pen and word made Obama worried was languishing in solitary confinement, a number of wolves were roaming American cities freely, terrorizing Obama and threatening America’s safety – more evidence that America will soon be a thing of the past.


Jose Pimentel

On October 21, three weeks after the killing of Imam Anwar al-Awlaqi, 27 year-old Jose Pimentel from New York was putting the finishing touches on three bombs he made in his “mother’s kitchen.” He used primitive components, following instructions given in Inspire, the Internet magazine published by a vanguard of Muslim youth under the supervision of the late Imam Anwar al-Awlaqi.

Jose Pimentel is a Dominican who had converted to Islam only a year before, but he preferred the Islamic universal framework of loyalty and support over any other framework based on race, color or language. He selected three targets to hit with bombs he built in his mother’s kitchen, following instructions given in Inspire magazine.

Jose did not execute his operation and he had no connection to any foreign group. His only connection was to the Holy Qur’an, which taught him that “believers are brothers” and that “believers are responsible for each other.” The FBI arrested him but could not find any connection between him and the vanguard youth of the Ummah anywhere in the world.

Nidal Hassan

Before Jose Pimentel, Major Nidal Hassan had killed and injured over 60 of his fellow officers in Fort Hood, the biggest military base in the United States. He had the exact same motivation that Jose or Imam al-Awlaqi had, which is “to do one’s duty in Islam by fighting injustice and mischief in the world and by supporting Muslims wherever they are.” Nidal Hassan realized that his colleagues in the US military were committing crimes against humanity in Afghanistan and Iraq. I saw a copy of his emails to Imam Anwar al-Awlaqi, the latter gave to me when he explained to me how they communicated with each other.


Nidal Hassan used to email al-Awlaqi from Fort Hood and in one of his emails, he writes: “Don’t you see what they are doing to our brothers in Palestine, with US support and complicity? Why don’t we too act in support of our brothers, like the US supports the Jews in Palestine?” In another message, he writes: “The Americans are conducting savage operations, and are intentionally killing and violating the rights of our Muslim brothers in Iraq and in Afghanistan.”

These are the same principles of universal Islamic brotherhood that incited Jose Pimentel and which Imam Anwar al-Awlaqi, himself a graduate of Colorado University and a resident of San Diego and Washington DC., illustrated in his talks and lectures from the text of the Qur’an.

Tzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

When British journalist Iona Craig was discussing with her American counterpart Jeremy Scahill ways of publishing the truth about Obama’s order to imprison me in solitary confinement for 3 years, two brothers were in the historic city of Boston, preparing bombs in their mother’s kitchen, following the instructions of Inspire magazine. They had the same motivation mentioned earlier: to express their Islamic brotherhood by assisting Muslims against an enemy that violates their land and their wealth, and kills their wives and their children in various parts of the world.

The Boston bombings happened on the 14th of April, the anniversary of the launch of the War of Independence. It also marked the hundred-year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, which sailed from the British coast, and sank on its way to the New World after it hit a small iceberg. And there is a metaphor for America in the story of the Titanic.  In a sense, America is the Titanic and the small iceberg that destroyed it was September 11. The operation of the Tsarnaev brothers is also full of symbolism. The city is the place where the war of independence began, and the target was the Finish Line of a sports marathon, which sends the message that America is on the Finish Line, and it does not need Bin Laden’s leadership or the charisma of al-Awlaqi to destroy it and put it on the Finish Line. 19-year old Tzhokhar Tsarnaev is now doing that with a bomb made in his mother’s kitchen, using cooking utensils. 

September 11 was a highly complex operation. It took several years of planning by a global leadership headed by Bin Laden. It took 19 young men to put America on the beginning of the end – the beginning of the Finish Line. In Boston, bombing America on the Finish Line needed no more than a 19 year-old youth. The number 19 is still at work in defeating America.

Before these young men, there was Faisal Shahzad, the son of a Pakistani intelligence officer, who was born in New York. He provoked a real terror in Times Square on April 2010. Reports said that he was trained in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

America’s drones strategy has failed to stop the attacks, which now are launched from the inside, and the wolves of the cities are increasing in number, which spells a bleak future for America – all consequences of debts incurred as a result of September 11 and its sisters, which dragged America into imaginary wars whose cost the taxpayer shoulders. And when a journalist tried to expose the truth to US and Western public opinion, Obama and the Zionist and capitalist gangs that control the wealth, the politics and the media became frightened. The fear became hysteria when the US president picked up the phone and issued orders that the journalist be thrown in solitary confinement, thinking he was putting the truth behind bars.


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