How they Prepareing 12,000 fighters in Yemen to join the ٍSham to restoration of dominance Islamic law (Sharia’a) in the world






This paper shows AlQa’eda’s position with regards to the case for the South of Yemen and its consequences, bringing into view the roots of the matter for the organisation and its religious bases for it.

June 2009

In the Name of Allah the most Compassionate the most Merciful

  • This paper…

The study of the organisation, network or the group of AlQa’eda, remains short unless it studies its various operational, intellectual, psychological and geographical views, in terms of motives and convictions.

In this discussion paper there’s       a limited geographical view and      a political case which bears               a national type which the student learning about AlQa’eda finds that it goes beyond national terms and its limits.

As AlQa’eda doesn’t recognise the national state or its geographical borders, it still works according to a geographical map and the concept and limits of a national that surpasses the land, and limits and gender.

And in an attempt to understand and expect the standing of AlQa’eda with respect to the case for the south which surfaced after two decades of the Yemeni confederation, we find that AlQeada registers its first political stand in April 2009 talking clearly about the south.

This paper depended on the credited AlQeada sources, making use of persons who lived with the person who established AlQeada, before naming it to bring about what’s in the notes of AlQeada especially to determine the position of AlQeada in its operations and literature.

The paper is focused on bringing on the original sources in all its quotations, to show contradictions inside AlQeada during its stages which go from the beginning of the nineties till today.

And the paper talks about the conceptual axis which AlQeada depends upon with regards to the case for the south, and the demo and geographical spread inside the organisation and its programs and plans and operations.

We discover that the case for the south is holy for AlQeada which interests the central command of the organisation and not only the local leadership which has recently been announced.

The case for the south takes its holiness for AlQeada from its being supported by prophetical scripture, as it talks about a southern region that will be the springboard of Islamic armies which are destined to attain victory and rule according to those prophesies.

Conceptual axis…

AlQeada springs in all its concepts, movements and operations from a conceptual matrix that is specific to it, starting from description and terminology to visions and views according to which operations are prepared.

And the intellectual talent of AlQeada is formed through the ‘Salafy’ method which was renewed by sheikh Mohammad ibno Abdul Wahhab in AlHaramain land, and its scholars who were later labelled the Najdi school

so the concept of AlQeada of itself is that it is the organisation of AlQeada of Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula, the first fruits of the Muslim nation, and it doesn’t fight on its behalf, as the case for restoration of Islamic Khilafat and enabling the rule of the religion of Allah is every Muslim’s case, and that they give away their souls, money and families in the cause of Allah, and in defence of poor people.

AlQeada assures that it moves in the field under its known name now (AlQa’eda Organisation in Arabian Peninsula) and have no other title, knowing that any other name will hit the ground and in the way of Allah, and work to rule by the law of Allah, and kill the Zionist Crusade campaign, and not negotiate the agent traitor who obeys the Americans, as they are brothers for us in fighting and hitting the enemy, and assure always that they working for unity and group and gathering the opinions around the word of monotheism. [1]

AlQa’eda sees that Yemen of today isn’t the one known with its geographical and known area (The Yemeni republic) as the organisation doesn’t recognise the drawn geographical borders especially of the gulf and the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic world, and they draw their maps according to historical concepts and landmarks some of which is drawn from the prophetic history and Arab traditions.

Yemen is all that is between the honourable Ka’ba from the Yemeni corner to the Arab sea [2], and based on those limits Sheikh Osama bin Laden calls upon the Yemeni tribes by their names and not their borders saying: “and the brave ones of Azd the heroes of Aseer, and Bahalil Hashed and Mothhaj and Bakil, let your support continue to save your brethren”. [3]

Sheikh Osama bin Laden goes on calling the people of Yemen every now and then in a way that confirms his addressing to the Yemen of the south of the Arabian Peninsula, where’s the support of Yemen and the thousands of Aden? This is a fatal war between apostasy and Islam, between the soldiers of Mohammad prayers and peace be upon him the soldiers of faith and the people of the crosses and who misses it misses the reward and gets the sin, till enough has been attained, so hurry and hurry, and hasten to a Janna that is as wide as the width of heaven and earth, and O horses of Allah get on, and O smell of Janna, come. [4]

And AlQa’eda sees that Yemen is of the most important areas where it has to be for its near position to the holy cities the noble Haramain and an open route to Baytol Maqdes according to one of the most prominent historian and AlQa’eda  historian Abo Mosab AlSuri and he wrote it years before September 11th.

And the concept of unity Is expanded for them surpassing nationality and borders and is limited to religion; as when AlQa’eda spreads its concept from making sure that they have [ideological religious point with religious political dimensions that spread to contain the whole world under one flag, therefore unity Is under the flag of monotheism [5] and are working to live in one nation, no northerner or southerner or Najdi or Kuwaiti or white or black, as all are equal in the religion of Allah. [6]

AlQa’eda includes people who are not Yemeni nationals, of them is the deputy general of the organisation Saied Ali AlShehri (Abo Sophian AlAzdi) and he is a Saudi national who returned from Guantanamo at the beginning of 2008 and re-joined his pals at the end of the year.

Southern population geography…

The origins of Sheikh Osama bin Laden go back to Hadramout, and some observers see that the Hadramout roots of AlQa’eda chief “had symbolic meaning for Salafy Jihadists and a common note leads to talk about the meaning of their spread areas in Yemen and the tribal links of the persons of the group.

As most areas where they spread are in the southern tribal areas in Hadramout, Abian and Shabwa, and that spread gains its danger from the increase in the number of voices saying that these are “unjust” areas, and is suffering from shortage in the contribution of resources, by the central command, and therefore the feeling of injustice makes it a fertile environment for recruiting Jihadists there [7].

It’s notable that the Jondul Yemen brigade’s cell which is affiliated with the intellectual system of AlQa’eda includes elements from Hadramout such as Hamza AlQaeti, Abdullah Banees, Hassan Bazaraa, Mahmoud Barahma, and Mubarak bin Hawel and they were killed by the Yemeni security authorities in august 2008 in Se’oon – Hadramout.

And Jamal AlBadawi one of the chiefs of the explosion of the American destroyer Cole near the shores of Eden is from the city itself, and also the Emir of the organisation Nasser AlWeheeshi is from the region of Abian, as well as persons who worked with bin Laden in the Jihadi field to remove the socialist party such as Tarek AlFadhli, Jamal AlNahdi and Zaynol AlAbedin Abo AlHassan AlMehdar the founder of the Adan Abian Islamic army in the second half of the nineties of last century  and these are all from southern areas.

AlQa’eda presents a geo-political vision specific to Yemen, and perhaps the best to have talked about it is Omar Abdul Hakeem (Abo Mosab AlSuri) one of the intellectuals of the organisation and who was taken to prison by Pakistan in 2006, in a book called “the responsibility of the people of Yemen towards the holy shrines of the Muslims and their wealth”, as he pointed to the demographical dimension in Yemen, which is in liaison with the Yemeni bravery and poverty at the same time, in addition to the geographical dimension which is in connection to Yemen having a mountainous nature making is “the fortified castle for all the people of the Peninsula, and even for all the middle east as well as having open borders of more than four thousands kilometres and coasts that go for more than three thousand kilometres and controls one of the most important naval gates which is Bab ElMandab”. [8]

there’s also the factor of the availability of weapons according to the tribal traditions and the religious factor which is tied to a number of hadith and tiding that are related to Yemen, all of which in the consideration of “AlSuri” and “AlQa’eda” represent main factors to make Yemen a “springboard” and a base for Jihad, and consequently it’s required to form an Islamic force of the people of Yemen and its youth and Mujahedeen and who joins up with them from the Peninsula and the young men of Islam, centred in a springboard to be directed to hit the enemies in that region, as the field of booty is similar to that of Jihad, all the peninsula: the money of Yemen, the governments and the wealth of the crusaders and the Christians in the occupying companies which oversees either the looting of the treasures of selling the products of the occupies and there is Yemen which overlooks one of the most important straights in the world and ships and oil carriers of the infidels pass every day for sustenance and money. [9]

The south in the eras of AlQa’eda…

AlQa’eda in the world has been through three eras in general which formed its current shape, the first was that of Afghan Jihad against the Soviet occupation when masses of Muslims hurried to Jihad by soul and money to defend against the Soviet invasion (1979) in Afghanistan and the comers formed camps the most prominent of which was the services bureau established by Sheikh Shaheed Dr Abdullah Azzam and funded it till 1986 by Sheikh Osama bin Laden [10], after which he took over the Maasadatol Ansar camp in Afghani Khost, and formed a database for the coming Mujahedeen to inform their families and contact them in case one of them is martyred or is injured and was called ‘AlQa’eda’ [11] meaning the database and records when the data of the comers is recorded and kept and that’s how the name of AlQa’eda came about.

The second era was when moving to establish other fronts and camps, and the third came when the international front for fighting Jews and Crusaders was established in 1998.

The first stage: 1990 – 1994

There was an Arab state called “The people’s democratic republic of Yemen” and it lived from 1967 till 1990, when it was removed after the two Yemen’s were united in the current Yemeni republic, the  “comrades” in the south of Yemen practiced all the sins and hateful things of communism in terms of removal of freedom and killing opponents and dishonouring of the religion together with mismanagement and an economy that put the country into poverty and in the end they fought each other, so the south of Yemen looked weak and failing, waiting for a saviour, and Osama though he was that saviour. [12]

And in the beginning of the nineties, and during the period of thinking after the “Afghani Jihad”, the American journalist Peter Bergen who men Sheikh Osama bin Laden in the late nineties of last century that he seriously thinks of Yemen as a base for him and seriously thinks about liberating south Yemen at the time. [13]

Sheikh Osama bin Laden used to gather youth elements in his house in Peshawar at the same time when the unity was formed, and they were all from “Hadramout”, and he said that they arrived in the morning from the warfront, meaning they came from Afghanistan, and said these are the “blue ones”, and sheikh Osama explained that they are Arab Mujahedeen who were all from “Hadramout”, and Yemenis at that stage, they were prepared and qualified and organised to be the nucleus for a total Jihad that would cut off the Marxist regime who rules the south of Yemen since gaining independence from Britain.  [14]

The number of Yemeni visitors increased especially from the southern areas to the house of sheikh Osama in Jamom area in Jeddah in Saudi in the beginning of the nineties, tribe leaders and nobles with their colourful headscarves.

Sheikh Osama used to talk to them in the language of the grandfathers, and sit on the floor covering his waist and legs with an Adani colourful cover, with detailed maps of the south of Yemen and newspaper pieces, and lists of tribe names and political figures and details about the army there, and other information which are necessary when starting a jihadi project which changes the regime in an entire country by force [15]

Since the unity started the project of Sheikh Osama has changed to become such that the attempt is to cover the united Yemen, and the problem of the conflict for a united Yemen and the contradictions between the Islamist[s] and the seculars formed a chance to declare jihad against Ali Abdullah Saleh and the united Yemen, and many leaders came to him of them was …Omar Seif.. Newly formed… and sheikh Osama moved to take the chance and put his name on a book that proves the apostasy of the constitution which was written by people who were near to sheikh Osama, (Omar Self) and they proved too the apostasy of the government and that it was legal to fight it. [16]

Sheikh Osama tried to get near to the scholars of Yemen and its major Salafy scholars on top of whom is sheikh (Moqbel bin Hadi AlWadee) and the Muslim brethren and spent a lot of money on buying them and uniting the tribes but they all failed him and Ali Abdullah Saleh managed to bring them to him and gave them posts and money and power and facilitation. [17]

the main and personal Jihadi project for Sheikh Osama was to innovate a Jihadi movement in south Yemen, and he directed that in (1990-1999) and went on his attempts to establish unity… and in spite of many near Jihadis having incited him to establish the project directly, and especially the Muslim brethren such as sheikh Abdul Majid AlZendani, sheikh Osama has hesitated in waiting to convince the up rise leaders in Yemen. [18]

sheikh Osama has continued the camp in Khost after the withdrawal of the Soviets in Afghanistan to concentrate on training his persons there to go through a long battle with the Americans after the Russians’ withdrawal, and the first field battle was that of Mogadishu in 1992, and its result was the expelling of the American forces (hope restoration) from Somalia and from the Yemeni shores opposite Eden, and that stage has continued by going to Yemen and concentrating upon fighting the socialist party and removing it from power.

the strategy that sheikh Osama bin laden has released was the phrase “I wouldn’t survive if the socialist party does” [19] a field one, as sheikh Osama has ordered his followers and supporter in Yemen who returned from Afghanistan to join up with the northern Yemeni as the Islamists have done as a whole in the north considering that this would gain a stage by removing communism. [20]

Actually many of the assassinations of the symbols of the Yemeni socialist party were done by supporters of sheikh Osama bin Laden, and some Jihadis have at that time assassinated some of the heads of the socialists who planned to take over against unity. [21]

Abo Mahdi, Yaslam Barseen was 40 years old when he was killed in 1994 was from the governorate of Shabwa when he was the right arm receiving direct support from AlQa’eda leader before the idea of the organisation crystallised and he used to gather youth from AlKor – Shabwa and bought weapons to fight the socialist party since 1992

Abo Mahdi participated with armed groups that he started forming as a first nucleus for the army of Adan Abian in a battle to settle accounts against the Yemeni socialist party, and he was killed in mysterious circumstances after the signs of defeating the socialists started to show.

Yaslam Baraseen is considered the first field person to be depended upon by Bin Laden to achieve penetration of the areas of the south of Yemen after achieving unity, and he was supplied with money to buy weapons, and recruit people and make safe havens available in areas that were under the control of the socialist rule till after unity in 1990, and it kept it under military control till June 1994, after the socialist armed forces were defeated and then areas of the south started falling under the control of the central authority in Sanaa.

The historian and one of the international jihadi movement intellectuals; Abo Mosab AlSuri sees that Sheikh Osama bin Laden succeeded in training young leaders to fight Jihad and his leadership in Yemen are from the southern areas such as Tarek AlFadhli and Jamal AlNahdi, but those – as AlSuri sees – have been won over by the Yemeni president and got them to work for him, and even were given posts in the Yemeni army and whomever he wanted  was joined up in civil and military positions, so they drove cars and got jobs. [22]

AlSuri considered that stage with its three faces Muslim Brethren, Salafy and Jihadi in Yemen, to be a basic problem which made the stage of Jihad end to start a new era away from the Yemeni field which was then transformed to international and national Jihad.

The second era 1995-2006

and after the 94 war there started a new era as the Yemeni youth returned and the southerners especially started to join the second stage with the Arab Afghans in Afghanistan, and the AlQa’eda project started to flourish again in Yemen and that’s through the new strategy of fighting the head of the snake America and to refrain from fighting its tails. [23]

And in the time before AlMarakesha operation which was performed by Zaynol AlAbedin AlMehdar many Jihadis were captured of them many were Sheikh Osama bin Laden supporters and the war became so fierce between the Jihadis and the Yemeni government and the government had to release some of the supporters after the Yemeni president received a personal threat message from sheikh Osama bin Laden through a messenger reminding him that AlQa’eda’s war is not against the Yemeni government and that it could be made thus. [25]

And near the end of 1997 he started by formed a regular organisation and an armed group by the name of Adan Abian army, taking good omen from the noble hadith narrated from the messenger of Allah prayers and peace be upon him in which he says (there comes out of Adan Abian twelve thousand army, they are the best between my time and theirs.

And when a number of men were gathered, perhaps two hundreds… he carried the weapon and went with his men to a mountainous region and made a camp there for him and his group to start preparing to fight the Yemeni government [26] and AlMehdar has announced the formation of the Adan Abian Islamic army even though he hasn’t met the AlQa’eda leader Osama bin Laden and wasn’t one of those who joined hi camps in Afghanistan but rather he only had one communication with him at the time of his activity in Yemen and received accolade after his execution in the year 1999.

AlMehdar was centred in the (AlMarakesha) area and performed the operation of kidnapping 16 western and American tourists and fought the local security authorities after 1999 which led to the killing of four British tourists and release of the rest and the capture of Abo AlHassan AlMehdar, and his trial and execution and his excuse for the establishment of the Adan Abian army was according to a prophetic prophecy determined by the aforementioned scripture. [27]

The execution of the leader of the Adan Abian army; Abo AlHassan AlMehdar who is from the tribes of Shabwa (474 km away from Sanaa) from which comes Abo Mahdi Yaslam Baraseen in the year 1999, and he was mentioned in condolence by AlQa’eda chief Bin Laden, and he changed the plan of hitting the Cole destroyer in revenge for him, as instead of executing it in international waters he made sure it occurred after entering the shores of Adan, and the execution of AlMehdar formed the end of an unofficial truce between the regime and AlQa’eda chief bin Laden and the entering of a confrontation stage directly.

After Abo AlHassan AlMehdar independent cells increased being raised according to the Salafy Jihadi ideology in the area, and AlQa’eda cells in Yemen planed for its major operations in Afghanistan and execution was by its elements in southern areas.

The army formed by AlMehdar had non Yemenis of which there was the son of the Egyptian scholar now in prison in Britain Abo Hamza AlMesri and Arab elements with British nationality.

The AlMarakesha area which engulfed the armed nucleus of (Adan Abian Islamic army) in it is near the area controlled by Tarek AlFadhli who is of the descent of rulers of the south whose possessions were taken by the socialist government and he resorted to Saudi to join up with the Tabok camps, and he joined up in the late eighties with jihad in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviet union which gives power to Adan which was formed by Saudi in case they have to face communism there, and met AlQa’eda chief and attended his camps, where bin Laden saw in him the brave young man who descends from rulers line who has knowledge and power in the area where he wants to establish his army and centre and prepare the “Adan Abian army” there.

The killing of AlMehdar formed a new stage in the confrontation with the regime at any chance for the organisation to take, and the beginning was the hitting of the Cole destroyer in Adan in October 2000 to embarrass the Yemeni regime and show it as a traitor client who obeys the Americans’ [28] and an open confrontation started between AlQa’eda and the Yemeni regime.

AlQa’eda youth started coming from Afghanistan and some Asian and European countries to centre in Yemen anticipating the September 11th attacks 2001 and to execute the second stage of the plan which sheikh Osama bin Laden spoke about partly when he asked the youth to prepare their luggage to go to Yemen as it is a country where he smells honour and manhood in its mountains and its strong tribal men who are armed and refuse injustice. [29]

The arrival of bin Laden was delayed such that the AlQa’eda personnel would arrive earlier who were followed by the authorities after September 11th and a network was killed using the predator leading to the death of AlQa’eda’s first leader Abo Ali AlHarthi (42 years old) and they fell one after the other into the hands of the Yemeni authorities.

Abo Ali AlHarthi is considered the first official leader in the gulf and the Arabian Peninsula from the Beyhan southern tribe and before his death Abdul Kareem AlEriani made a press statement saying that American spy planes U2 are making surveillance trips in the Yemeni skies in the Raba AlKhali area looking for wanted persons [30]

After the assassination of Abo Ali AlHarthi, AlQa’eda performed an attack on the Limburg oil carrier in the southern region’s shores AlMokalaa in Hadramout in the same year 2002.

The third stage 2006-2009

the third of February 2006 represents a break point in the history of AlQa’eda in Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula when the leadership of AlQa’eda recorded the first of its type in security terms by digging a tunnel from the political security prison in Sana and escaped after reforming its leadership in prison and executing the first operation which is fleeing from prison.

And it started establishing its camps to train youth and expertise and reception of new comers from neighbouring countries and the main conflict areas especially returners from Iraq who had experience.

And AlQa’eda performed a series of operations that brought it back to the scene again strongly the most prominent of which was the attack against the American embassy with explosive cars and light weapon wars and grenades and RPG’s which shows an improvement in quantity and quality in AlQa’eda operations.

The organisation rearranged itself and reformed its hierarchy by establishing security, media, development and manufacturing sections and has divided Yemen into states according to field commanders who are active in it and concentrated on southern governorates called Hadramout, Abian state, and other governorates which see administrative division specific to AlQa’eda.

AlQa’eda became more media active by establishing AlMalahem media production establishment and a periodical magazine (Sada AlMalahem) (regular and 9 issues were published on the internet) which is Hijri bimonthly and five documentary films which attained media coverage and contact with the people through their websites.

And the organisation surprised the world in the beginning of 2009 by declaring a local leadership under the title (AlQa’eda in the Arabian Peninsula) which means it surpassed the borders which it considers as fake to draw its own geographical map according to its organisational concepts which it moves according to.

And – for the first time – AlQa’eda registered a stance with regards a direct local case in a statement by the commander of AlQa’eda titled “to our people in the south). [31]

The south, the holy case…

the southern case is considered in the thought and ideology of AlQa’eda a holy case, and the psychological preparation and programmed plans are not only related to the local AlQa’eda, but rather a case for the central command based on prophetic scripture in the Mosnad of Imam Ahmad, by way of ibno Abbas, he said, the prophet prayers and peace be upon him said (there comes out of Adan Abian an army of twelve thousand who give victory to Allah and His messenger they are the best from my time till theirs)

The geographical area defined by AlQa’eda is its largest camp in AlJazeera and the gulf and the gulf is the area which sees military and bloody conflict with the central authority in Sanaa, and it goes for a sea line near to where NATO command is across from the gulf of Adan and the Arab sea.

The entry of AlQa’eda in Arabian Peninsula came through its local leadership which is now in Yemen – along the lines of the southern activities – which calls for “restoration of rights and removed freedom” to confuse the papers of local authorities, and local forces, and international forces which has lines in and around the Yemeni field, and what increases the complexity of the scene which is already complicated is the political crisis which the opposition creates and which helps the directions of AlQa’eda and the southern demands at the same time, and which concentrates on the destruction of the current authority, and the economic crisis which the county goes through and is on the increase while the country is at war since 94.

AlQa’eda threw its bait making use of a confused situation, and managed to play with political papers although it knows that it increases separatist struggles, as it doesn’t really care about unity unless it is within its vision “unity under the flag of monotheism” and not under regional or national basis according to its cultural composition.

The address declared by AlQa’eda’s local commander from the birth place of the international AlQa’eda bin Laden of Hadramout, the son of the southern regions, and in a country which American intelligence circles assimilate to the other Afghanistan, and at a time when the Yemeni battle field became a theatre of local and international intelligence  services intervention, where the economic factor of owning the oil areas and its supplies cross, and the security factor due to the open wide sea shores giving to the commercial lines and international fleets passing and located across from Yemeni shores, and the Anglo Saxon historical empirical wishes which remained nearly (130) years in the south and now it’s back led by America, and also the Persian control during the Persian empire which Yemen was one of its states about fifteen centuries ago, and Afash’s regime was one of the most prominent tools which led to this stage.

the letter of AlQa’eda commander was spread at the time of the nineteenth anniversary of the unity, with the separatists demands led by southern leaders which had a prominent role in that event and sees that day as “necessity of disjoining the north”, and at the same time when the Shia Horthy movement is about to get away in the far north and get a geographical area to rule.

while AlQa’eda concentrates on the case for the south from an ideological perspective, it has people of nationalities from all the regions in AlJazeera and the gulf, as it moves in all the geographical area, and is centred in the area where the oil is and the sea shore which goes from Sa’ada north to Hadramout south and from there to AlHodaida west, which causes increasing threat and disquiet to the American led NATO forces and makes it subject and a theatre for AlQa’eda operations.

The important of the declarations of the command of AlQa’eda in Arabian Peninsula Abo Basir – Naser Abdul Kareem AlWeheeshi – 33 years old – is that it comes contemporarily with those local and international interventions as the Americans doubt his ability in maintaining peace and they show their fear of Yemen becoming a safe haven for AlQa’eda.

The opposition accuses president Saleh of creating crisis to pass his policies to maintain control and power in his hands by cultivating powers to face others on tribal and religious and regional bases, which led to increase in problems and his control going loose led to him releasing a covert threat when he said that the battle won’t be between the north and the south, but it will be from hole to hole, house to house, and street to street and the country may become another Iraq or Somalia.

In short, the address of AlQa’eda today supporting “revolution against oppression and the tyrant regime in Sanaa” according to the release, not to win southern regions, but rather to gather crowds and direct them towards AlQa’eda goals, and to make use of confused situation, avoiding supporting separatist movements, but going past it and its leaders.

And the address moved to the crowds; to record an important psychological penetration in the geographical area and to prepare it to become a reception and development area for AlQa’eda network, and perhaps for its leader bin Laden in the future, as AlQa’eda leader was talking in public after September 11th that he will move to the Yemen mountains and the delay of his transfer doesn’t mean it will be cancelled, but rather waiting for the chance, and there is his local deputy in the region preparing the atmosphere and prepare the background for receiving his leader to lead what they believe to be the army that will liberate Baytol Maqdes and Palestine and defeat the masses of that they call the “Zionist Crusader campaign”.



index 1

The statement of Abo Mosab AlSuri of the experience of the Adan Abian Islamic army and its establishment and the killing of its leader Zayn AlAbedin Abo AlHassan AlMehdar. [32]

B. the experience of Adan Abian led by Abi AlHassan AlMehdar may Allah accept his soul since 1988.

Martyr Abo AlHassan AlMehdar used to have fiery Jihad personality and is of the nobility in Yemen, and he had to bear those situations in Yemen during the last decade of the last century, and I heard some anecdotes from Yemeni brothers that he met sheikh Osama to convince him to light up the signal to start jihad in Yemen but he hasn’t reached an agreement on when and how to do it.

then he went during the mid-nineties to the scholars to entice them to support his Jihad project in (Saudi) he even went to the major professors of belief and the heads of the departments in Saudi governments but nobody answered him, they filled books and knowledge tapes with the characteristics of pure faith and the methodology of sheikh Mohammad ibno Abdul Wahhab.. They went in there lectures and stances to say that the best way for Daawa in Yemen is through the democratic choice!! And they supported the democratic path in Turkey, North Africa and others, and that’s a disaster for that lived through this time, the more you live, the more you see!!

But the will of that brave Mujahid refused to be silent… and he had battles and meetings with the Yemeni government and its security services, of that is his famous known position when the security services captured the women of the Afghan Arab Mujahedeen who resorted to Yemen and refused to let them go but with the deportation of their men who were on the run inside Yemen, and he had a stance in gathering the scholars and sheiks and tribal chiefs to ask them for help through their religious zeal and tribal nobility and he never rested but was a major reason behind their release and the removal of their worry.. And he spent a lot of money and borrowed large sums on his own person for his movement and call and activity

and near the end of (1997) he started forming an armed group and an independent organisation named Adan Abian Army taking good tiding from the noble hadith which was narrated of the messenger of Allah prayers and peace be upon him saying (there comes out form Adan Abian twelve thousand, they’re the best between my time and theirs).

And when a number of men were gathered, perhaps two hundreds… he carried the weapon and went with his men to a mountainous region and made a camp there for him and his group to start preparing to fight the Yemeni government … and his news reached us in Afghanistan in the spring of (1998) hoping that this would be the spark for the start of Jihad which we long waited for in that Yemen which was happy before it was ruled by the likes Abdullah Saleh and before Daawa there was led by the leaders of Sahwa these days.

But major Daawa leaders and the sheikhs of what is called Sahwa concentrated large efforts on convincing him to change his mind and promised him jobs and money from the government if he changes his mind, but he refused, so the Daawa leaders from various Sahwa schools played an important role in failing him and dis-heartened whom they could of his supporters and convinced them that it was pointless, and youth started to leave him… and the biggest disappointment that affected a number of them was what came from the side of some Jihadis and old Arab Afghans from Yemen that it was a hastening movement and not ripe enough, without a plan, and instead of advisers joining him from Islamists and Jihadis to give effort to wise up his movement, their stance was negative, as I was told by some tellers, and I think his outing was a chance for them and for Jihad in Yemen, but it was lost.

And in the summer of (1998) the Yemeni government captured some of Yemen youth in addition to some Arab brothers, so Abo AlHassan AlMehdar kidnapped some foreign tourists to pressurise the government to release them but the government used it as an opportunity… and unlike its habit of negotiating with tribe leaders who many times kidnapped tourists to attain their goals, it set siege on the area and escalated the situation till a war happened, and pushed its elite forces to crush this baby movement and used many Daawa men and brothers to bring down whom they could from the mountain and Allah is enough for us and He is the best defender… and when it started the attack there was only a few tens of men with him, some of them were killed and some hostages were killed… and that’s where some news came to us in Afghanistan – and Allah knows if it is true – that they who were with him refused to kill the hostages and only one or two were killed, and Abo AlHassan AlMehdar was captured … and Britain and some western states pressurised the Yemeni government to execute Abi AlHassan AlMehdar may Allah have mercy on his soul – who was declared executed in the summer of (2000), may Allah give him a place in His Janna and replace Yemen for him good men who raise the flag of Jihad till those who were born glad tidings of by the messenger of Allah prayers and peace be upon him come out

My relationship with the Yemeni brethren and my remarks on the Jihad attempt there:

As said, I was convinced about Jihad in Yemen since (1998), and at the time I have been near to sheikh Osama who showed me some of the features of his Jihad project in Yemen, and I have put in efforts after the desert storm war which as later known as liberation of Kuwait war, and I tried to convince sheikh Osama about the viability and necessity of moving to Yemen as the atmosphere was very appropriate after the arrival of the Americans to Arabia, and then after the events of the constitution, but he thought it wasn’t possible without the help of the rest of the Sahwa symbols.

•          And I got to know a lot of the Yemeni brethren since the first Afghani jihad days, and once I got back to Afghanistan in the second term, I cared about the attempts the occurred in Yemen, and tried to write down its history with one of the most prominent of the jihadi youth in Yemen (and that’s martyr (Mohannad) Atash) but martyrdom came to him first may Allah have mercy on him.

•          And during the spring of (1998) and after the up rise of Abi AlHassan, a brother from his friends spoke to me about the AlMehdar movement and the hopes in it and the need to help him with advice, support and aid, and told me that AlMehdar used to use some of my lectures about the heritage of the days of Jihad in Afghanistan and my book (the trial of jihad in Syria) by giving educational lessons to his followers, and that such advice will have a positive effect on him .. And indeed I loaded the man with a message and a tape recorded carrying the extract of my ideology and my advice about jihad in Yemen… and indeed the man went and gave the message and telephoned me about its delivery to AlMehdar. And I waited for news perhaps it would open a jihadi step that takes us closer to the centre of the conflict in the middle east along the holy line from Yemen to AlHijaz and AlSham, and I was hoping to  catch up with him and give him victory. But soon the media conveyed to us the news about the catastrophe which I wrote about earlier.

•          And then some brethren arrived in Kabul who witnessed that tragedy with Abi AlHassan and I learnt the zest of what happened from many of them. Then I read in some Saudi newspapers the news of that attempt, that they removed from the camp of Abi AlHassan some books and tapes that carry our (destructive) thinking for those governments and who is behind them… and of that there’s the tape of (Khaled Zayn AlAbedeen)… and that’s the phoney name I took in order to publish my lecture tapes in the Afghanistan attempt, as they have linked that name and the surname of martyr Abi AlHassan AlMehdar Zayn AlAbedeen and it’s not a deliberate coincidence, as they also mentioned that they found copies of my book (the Syrian Trial), so I begged Allah for mercy on him and was happy about it. And I asked the Lord the Most High the Most Exalted to bestow part of the reward on him and that we meet on His noble basin in the group of the strangers… who escaped with their religion, He is Most Near, Most Generous.

And in our experience in the second part for the Arab Afghans during the days of Taliban, the camp which was set up near Kabul was frequented by some mujahedeen from Yemen… and I was keen on giving them special care suitable for that part of the Muslim world’s place in my estimation and its importance in my hopes regarding resistance jihad hopes… and I wrote a report titled (people of Yemen and their responsibility for the [protection of] the holies of the Muslims and their heritage) and recorded a number of tapes in the topic of jihad… and I learnt that it reached the field there and was spread amongst Jihadis and Islamists… and one day we were told about the execution of martyr Abi AlHassan AlMehdar and I was very affected and it wasn’t possible to express gratitude to this noble brave Mujahid man… to whom many of the Jihadis in Yemen owed a favour and all we could do was set up a memorial for him … where his good deeds were mentioned and all sought mercy for him, may Allah have mercy on a man we loved from afar without meeting, and may he be housed in Allah’s wide paradise… and we invoke that Allah sends to Yemen who establish in it and prepares for the coming of the good people whom were told about by the truly believed prayers and peace be upon him

Index 2 

AlMalahem media production establishment presents

Transcript of an audio message by AlQaeda Emir in the Arabian Peninsula

(Abi Baseer Nasser AlWeheeshi)

Titled …

{To our people in the south}

 All thanks be to Allah Friend of the righteous and no transgression but against the oppressors and the final word be to pious and prayers and peace be upon the truthful honest one and upon his family and companions as a whole and what follows…

What happens in Lahaj, AlDalea, Abian, Hadramout and other in terms of injustice and oppression to unarmed citizens is unreasonable and unaccepted by anyone and we have to give them support and victory and aid them.

O you free resistance fighters of that oppression and injustice which befell Yemen and Arabia as a whole, what you ask for is your right that your religion has secured and your nature has pushed you towards which doesn’t accept oppression nor half solutions, and you were known for that during the time when the British occupation was expelled because of your stand.

You practiced you peaceful right but were denied that right which was given to you by the tyrant and when you didn’t agree with him he tortured you with the worst methods and all types of oppression to put you off your fair demands and your call to alleviate oppression is any kind of separation.

Unity and grouping in religion and justice and security are a legal duty and are every Muslim’s right, so injustice, oppression and subjugation should not be used in order to preserve unity, and it was the whole nation that started this unity and not a certain person, and it’s not his alone.

We at AlQaeda support what you do in terms of refusing oppression against yourselves and against others and standing against the regime and defending yourselves, as the messenger prayers and peace be upon him said: ((Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or is oppressed)) and we call upon you to make sure you don’t transgress against your Muslim brethren in other states as they are sinless and as oppressed as you are ((And no bearer of burdens shall bear another’s burden)) even if the headquarters of the apostate regime are from them, yet they don’t represent them, they had their fair share of oppression in Sanaa AlHodaida and Taez and others just like you and they are in the same spot as you facing tyranny and they feel it like you do and are oppressed they couldn’t defend themselves like you and perhaps this deed of yours would push them to imitate you and they will give you victory and revenge for your dead ones by the Support of Allah as we are one nation gathered around the religion and it is our only asset.

We are fighting this regime which disabled the Sharia law for years because Allah has ordered us to do that and said: { And fight them until there is no more Fitna (disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah) and (all and every kind of) worship is for Allah (Alone). But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)} [AlBaqara: 193]

Allah has forbidden injustice and declared it unlawful and if we establish sharia and remove injustice then people would enjoy security, justice and freedom.

We know best about what the regime practices in terms of injustice and oppression and waste of wealth and taking away people’s rights and inciting discrimination which it practices and accuses others of it.

We were hoping people would join us up and gather around our flag to defend for us and them against the tyranny of this traitor regime and for the rest of our brethren in Iraq and Palestine as they too were not immune from it, as he supplies American warships to kill their women and children.

For us Ali Abdullah Saleh is an apostate infidel who disabled the rule of sharia for which the sons of Lahaj, Sanaa, AlDalea, Taez, Abian, AlHodaida, Hadramout and the rest of Yemeni states’ sons have sacrificed for.

Today it uses all sorts of tyranny pretending to keep unity and for that it practices tyranny and takes away security from people and assassinates their dignity and shuts their mouths and takes away their liberties, and changes their beliefs and imposes poverty on them…

O free ones, the justice you seek is our goal and we won’t find it but in being ruled by sharia, and you tried all other methodologies and didn’t lead you to freedom and justice which Islam guarantees for you and no justice or freedom but within it.

Rule by sharia and going back to the law of Allah is the exit from what are going through as that wouldn’t involve domination or transgression from anyone as you have seen the tribes of the Swat valley and how they were ruled by the sharia of Allah in spite of the tyrant betrayers and the people enjoyed its justice and were happy with it and supported it, even though they were foreign, how about us and Quran is in our tongue.

You tried socialism, and you tasted bitterness from its disasters and suffering that only Allah knows about, and here you go drinking of the same cup on the hands of the agent regime that rules you today and it’s time for Islam to rule and you enjoy its justice and forbearance.

So beware and beware you don’t get fooled once again or that your efforts in confronting injustice and transgression get lost for people who have no manners who run the parties of all sorts and from which our nation won’t get but being followers and dispersion and obeying enemies and the believer wouldn’t be bitten from the same hole twice.

Islam is the religion of Allah which guarantees for us this dear generous life and which made us one nation, neither northern or southern, from Najd or Kuwait, or white or black, all are the same in the religion of Allah, so don’t ever let your efforts be ridden by someone else who uses it for his good and we then fall into another injustice and be ruled by another tyrant and suffering continues.

We are with you and support you in refusing injustice and what tyranny that befell you won’t pass unpunished by the permission of Allah as killing Muslims in the streets is an uncalled for major crime and we will win for you by the support of Allah.

((And those who do wrong will come to know by what overturning they will be overturned.))




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