Spring of the Caliphate: America the Evil and Gambling Empire..Allah granted us what they can never expect or to be able to know something..







Spring of the Caliphate


Abdul-Elah Hider Shyea


Sha’aban 1435H – June 2014

When the French revolution erupted on 1789, it stormed the “Bastille” prison and freed the prisoners to be leaders of the revolution, it burned the prison of “Bastille”. Thus, France passed to a new stage on political, cultural and economic sides, and could transfer this successful experience to the old Europe and the modern Europe “America”. While the revolutions of the Arabic spring brought the rebels to prisons, and burned them (as example Raba’a square-Egypt), women were transgressed, services became worst,  the armies became a tool  to repress the opposition under the pretext of “counter-terrorism” in the countries of the so-called spring.

In the “Jihadists Spring” (2) as the name given by the BBC and the Guardian to the spring of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (1) after its expanding to Syria, the Islamic State executed  Maleki’s forces without pity, then it freed thousands of prisoners (3) and overthrew the regime from many provinces with its leaders, political and military entities, as well as its ideological and lawful system,  changing it by an Islamic regime – the Islamic State opened Islamic courts in Dyala, Salahu-Deen, Nainawa, al-Anbar, Reqqah, Hasakah, Halab..- (4).

If you look at the events with an impartial eye, you will see a spring led by Muslim youths (Multi nationalities’ army) who take strongly their orders from the religion of Islam, a spring being expanded among people and extended geographically. Other armies appeared before it like a vacuum inside it the Islamic spring is expanding more and more, drawing a new map with no frontiers, no nationality, no difference between an  Arab and non-Arab except by Islam. While the spring of democracy or Arabic spring couldn’t overthrow the regimes on ideological and political side, till now it couldn’t give birth to a clear political entity, this is why the previous regimes were able to create anti-revolutions which led to ruination, and all countries of the Arabic spring are exposed to disruption and division.

Earlier Islamic spring


The Islamic State’s spring weren’t the first project which resisted to the Western American domination, before fifteen years of the so-named (Arabic spring), there was a group of youths in the Afghan society who were studying the Sharia’a -science of Quran and Sunnah during many years (Taliban: means Talaba of Sharia’a, talaba=students).

These students of sharia’a (Taliban) overthrew a regime in which the killing and transgression were spread, this regime was a member in the UN and supported by the USA and the West. Therefore, the Taliban established an Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan on 1995, it was the first time a country being governed by Sharia’a under  an Islamic regime which brought the stability to this country. But the USA was not pleased of this stability, this is why it mobilized more than eighty countries to invade it  in order to change the regime of Islamic Sharia’a by the regime of democracy, which was inacceptable by the society which  fought it during thirteen years. Today the USA is withdrawing and the Islamic Emirate is regaining the control over again.

The same thing happened in Somalia, when the Islamic courts overthrew the anarchic regime  and governed more than  95% of territory by an Islamic regime, the UN gathered with the African Union to fight them on 2006, to change this Islamic regime by their democracy. At that time the Islamic State of  Iraq was founded and its leaders announced that was the nucleus of the “Islamic Caliphate”.

On the other hand, the “Ansar Sharia’a”  organization overthrew the regime (2011-2012) in southern and eastern regions of Yemen (Abyan,Aazan, Reda’a) in which they implemented the law of Islamic courts, it was the first time these regions were governed by the Sharia’a since hundreds of years, until the USA moved to overthrow it under the covering of the UN and its allies.

In the same time, both “Tawhid and Jihad” and “Ansar-Deen” movements could control vast areas in Mali (it surpasses the territory of Britain three times), in which Islamic courts  were spread and at disposal of people who joined them and lived under their Islamic law. After one year, the UN mobilized the countries of the Security Council on the top of them France with the participation of the USA to overthrow the Islamic regime in Mali in order to change it with the democracy.


On 2012 especially in the tenth memory of  the US 9/11 defeat, the Muslims around the world moved in demonstrations, they burned flags and embassies of the USA and its allies, and  killed the ambassadors (5). They raised  the black flag of al-O’okab (6) to express how they defend their prophet whom was subject of mockery from the countries who persecute Muslims during centuries, this persecution reached the top when they aimed their harm at  the prophet Mohamad (peace be upon him) in his person and dignity (caricatures and the harmful film).

Dream and anxiety


The USA and its allies couldn’t understand the scene of Muslim throngs in demonstrations  burning embassies and raising the black flag of Al-O’okab over them. The USA  and other Western countries couldn’t understand that the Islamic State is a dream of all Muslims who raised its flag in squares for calling to overthrow regimes  in order to replace them by Islamic regimes that  govern with Sharia’a. This scene was hidden by the mass-media to show that people are calling for none but democracy as a lonely solution.

This falsification of events by the mass media continued until the impact came from Iraq after eight years of killing the founder of the Islamic State -Abu Musa’ab al-Zarkawi (June2006-June2014). The situation became “very critical and unexpected” as mentioned by leaders of the Dajal Empire(7) -NATO, UN and IRAN-, which couldn’t expect the power of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham to control many cities in Iraq and erase the frontiers to establish an Islamic State!” (8) as announced clearly by the former American foreign minister -Hillary Clinton-.

The video-tapes  and photos coming from Iraq and hidden by the mass media, showed people in Ba’aqubah in the streets with the O’okab flag on their hands welcoming the soldiers of the Islamic State, this is what pushed the former US ambassador in the period of occupation -Ryan Crocker- to say: “I see not any revolution or rebels, the whole battle in the Iraq  field is done by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham” (9).

People are supporting the Islamic State because all experiences of governing regimes (kingdom,republic state, democratic state, etc…) failed to bring security, stability and justice to people; and this is what the USA and its politicians couldn’t understand. Their tools reports evaluated the situation wrongly, they couldn’t understand the cohesion between people (tribes-residents) and the soldiers of the Islamic State. This sight caused a big worry as announced clearly by John Kerry (important US politician) “it is a big source of worry..They want to establish a Sunni Caliphate..They want to disrupt us and our laws” (11).

For Obama, he commented early when he said: “we have an engagement ensuring  that we will never let the Islamic State of Iraq and sham (12) to find an eternal foothold neither in Iraq nor Syria. All choices are opened, we will not send soldiers, but we are discussing all possible choices” (13).

The USA shows its fear from avenging reactions because it lived bitter experience with the Muslim youths, real fears of avenging reaction which can be real events in their cities like the 9/11 scene (14), as well as the spreading of  “lonely wolves” (15)  like the major Nidal Hassan and the brothers Tsarnayeev.

The war minister and one of founders of the Islamic State of Iraq -Abu Hamza al-Muhajir-(2006-2010), said while threatening what he called “America the Evil and Gambling Empire”  and its leaders as well as leaders of Britain, Australia of what is coming to them: “Allah granted us what they can never expect or to be able to know something about it -by the help of Allah-“. Therefore, al-Hayat Media Center diffused -recently- a video tape in which appeared soldiers of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham who have different nationalities from Britain, America and Australia, repeating the same threatening as mentioned before.(17)


Old  tools..Media and hireling agents


Some countries showing publicly their enmity like Iran and USA but they are allied and united when it concerns the dominance of the Islamic Sharia’a, for this reason they forgot their discords to stay on the top to control the Peninsula and Levant. They made agreement to lead the combat by creating crisis and partitions in the region using for this purpose their human and technical tools. In order to execute their plans, they started gathering their human tools in the CAPITAL of Kurdistan -Arbil-, while technical tools still under study to choose the appropriate plan which is how to stop the Islamic State and its influence and power.

Among choices of USA with  its allies in IRAN and the West, there is a call to unite their human tools in Iraq and Syria to fight the Islamic State, then replacing al-Maleki (one of their tools) by another one to whom the media will propagate to show him as a president being more rightful than Maleki, then they would create a government which will contain the Sunnites with the former tribes allies of the occupation before. Thus, the new government will use the American occupation’s tools which were the base of Sahawat before  to constitute rebels of the tribes.  Of course, all this will be supported by the magic influencing tool engaged previously in this war -the mass media- according to a policy  which will be based on three things: falsification, provocation  and incitement against the Islamic State, which will end by air strikes and operations preparing the intervention of NATO and IRAN under covering of the UN, to regain  control over the regions.

On 2006, when the former General of the American army “Casey” announced the collapse of the army, “Petraeus” took the matter and replaced him. The first thing made by “Petraeus” is a roaming by his helicopter over the Iraqi cities, when he saw receiver-satellites spread, he smiled and said to his assistant: “70% of the counter-terrorism plan is successful –meaning: fighting the Islamic State-.(18)

The real war starts in the field of media because it is a war of minds in which the aim is  overturning the image in people’s minds to be easy to overturn it in reality. To achieve this aim they need these steps:

Firstly: Hiding the advance and success of the Islamic State and focusing all media on the matter of displaced and banks. They will  mask all aspects of stability in the cities under the rule of the Islamic State.

 Secondly: Changing the terms and using the word “organization” instead of  “the State of Islam of Iraq and Sham”, even if the regions  under the control the Islamic State are thirteen times as much as country of Qatar! Then they will pass to another step which is: hiding this name absolutely among other names like “rebels, tribes, revolt of the Sunnites, armed groups etc..” to prepare minds of people to accept the idea that it’s not the Islamic State which overthrew the regime in cities and provinces, but the tribes, rebels, armed groups  which do that. On the other hand they show an image that the Islamic State kill civilians without trial. News-info  also are falsified, when the Islamic State dominates an oil-region (Beijy as example), they spread that information are not sure. But press-conferences are assigned for al-Maleki and his assistants, the media spread them with terms like:  the government of al-Maleki expels, dominates, regains, kills, leaders in the Islamic State.

Thirdly: Now the media will pass to another step which put in the people’s minds another image of “thousands of volunteers are gathered against the Islamic State, confrontations between the Islamic State and tribes’ rebels or armed groups etc..”. These speeches and Fatwas of Shia’a with their allies from traitorous Sunnites are spread for inciting people to fight those who want to apply Sharia’a, in the same time the media show not  speeches of the official spokesman of the Islamic State nor its official statements, news and photos.


Image in the field

In the field, the alliance (UN,NATO,IRAN) graves the image shown by Al-Jazeera and other channels TV, by recruiting some residents and calling for interview some old tools used by the occupation on 2007 which constituted the Sahawat against the Islamic State like: the Islamic Party (Muslim brotherhood), the Islamic Army (most of them are on the methodology of Sourouriyah), sheikhs of tribes for example: Ali Hatem the ally of al-Maleki in fighting the Islamic State, Hareth ad-Dari (organization of Muslim scientists) who never hide his enmity to the Islamic State and agrees all its enemies even if Shia’a, this was his attitude from the first adobe put by Abou Mosa’ab al-Zarkawi in Iraq.

But this time, those people will wear al-Qaeda dress, for this reason there is a group representing al-Qaeda in Syria officially and supported by savants to whom the Tawaghit regimes gave permission to move freely in order to achieve their role in the war against the Islamic State. This official group sent negative messages by its leader al-Joulani to whom the  Jazeera Channel TV made propaganda like it had done before with leader of Sahawat of the Islamic Party –al-Shammary- (2007-2010). The leader of al-Qaeda in Syria threatened that what he called the Oummah will “fight those ignorant aggressors to eliminate them not in Syria only but also in Iraq, and you know hundreds of brothers in Iraq who wait only a signal from us”.(19). The second man in al-Qaeda of Syria described the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham as “karamitah, Rafeda, Ba’athis, Khawarij, Ghoulat..O our tribes in Iraq we are with you side by side to drive out the tyrants Ghoulat” (20).  “O sons of the proud tribes and groups of mujahedeen, may Allah bless your revolution…and we warn you to  let not your efforts going on the benefit of the tyrants and Ghoulats”.(21)

So, based on these signals, it appears that al-Qaeda will be in the side of the Sahawat in Iraq to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham. Al-Qaeda in Syria uses the term of  “dawa’esh takfirioun” (23) to describe the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, in simultaneity with all what mentioned, the internet social sites closed all sites of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham on the internet to hide its messages to people or to contact them, while they let free the sites of al-Qaeda.

Ahmad al-Jerba (moderate Islamist -Syria coalition’s president) from Washington gave an engagement to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham during his meeting with Obama who promised to give him “fatal arm” to accomplish this mission and to constitute a common operations room which gathers all opposition groups.

Thus, on basis of the media influence the field teams would move on intelligence and military sides as follows:

Military side: by training members residents in cities like the last and new manner of Sahawat,  benefiting from the Syrian experience which added al-Qaeda to ranks of fighters against the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham.

Intelligence side: by collecting information from organizations working in these regions, from political parties and all groups agreed on fighting the Islamic State, in addition of some groups of press and media men whom role is divided like that:  1-Spreading false information among residents to change the image in favor of fighting the Islamic State.  2- Collecting  information about movements of both members and leaders of the Islamic State and its headquarters and camps, this is by showing themselves as reporters covering the events of the battle. As example of this: the accusation of Abou Omar al-Baghdadi on 2007 to Al-Jazeera Channel TV that it exposed to the American Intelligence, the way to Mujahideen in Iraq by its reporter of its emission “Sirri Lilghaya”. (24)

The plan of dominance of the UN, NATO, IRAN using their tools -crisis, division- is frustrated by the Islamic State, because after the occupation of Iraq for more than ten years even if the foundation of Sahawat for eight years, the Islamic State is still extending and more powerful by the gathering of people around it because of its application of the Islamic Sharia’a.

After thirteen years of occupation of Afghanistan  by the Dajal Empire (Antichrist) (UN,NATO,IRAN) in which they spent 1700 billion of US dollars, it made negotiations with the Islamic Emirate which regains its control refusing the law of the UN and using the Islamic Sharia’a for which the Afghan people sacrified their bloods for thirteen years to be governed by it.

Therefore, what do these events prove? Is it the Caliphate’s spring or the jihadists’ spring?



Information mentioned on the article are based on their sources.


[1] Constituted and announced by Abou Mosa’ab al-Zarkawi (2003-2006), declared officially in October 2006, its Emir and founder is Abou Omar al-Baghdadi (2006-2010). Al-Qaeda organization dissolved itself in Iraq and joined the Islamic State constituted by 18 jihadist groups in Iraq and alliance of some tribes. The Sahawat were constituted from resistance’ groups which were in contact with the occupation forces, the Americans described them as “mokawama sharifa: honorable resistance”. On 2008 the soldiers of the Islamic State withdrew to Iraqi desert and Kurdistan mountains, they returned on 2009 and waged gangs war against the Sahawat, the Maleki’s government, and political parties which were allies of the American occupation forces like the Iraqi Islamic Party representing the group of the “Muslims brotherhood” in Iraq. Abou Omar al-Baghdadi -leader of the Islamic State was killed in April 2010, after Shura  the leadership went to Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi who created and sent the Jabhatu Nosra for people of Sham on the middle of 2011 after the beginning of the Syrian revolution. The Islamic State extended from Iraq to Sham in April 2013 and dissolved  Jabhatu Nosra. The general leadership of al-Qaeda announced that the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham is not a part of it and it didn’t accept it. After that the Islamic State achieved many victories which led to collapse of the Maleki’s army and fleeing of more than 230000 of its members. The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham dominated many provinces in Syria and Iraq, in which it implemented the Islamic courts.

[2] April 2014. The Guardian. 12 June 2014. BBC

[3]Badoush prison, counter-terrorism prison, Tasfirat prison, Heet prison and other prisons in Syria and Iraq from which thousands of prisoners were freed by the Islamic State.

[4]The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham. Wilayah of Nainawa. The city document. Constitution  of governance of the regions under the control of the Islamic State.

[5] Killing of the American ambassador in Ben-Ghazi. Stevens and his consultants and officers in the American Intelligence.

[6] It is a black flag on which it’s written “La Ilaha Illa Allah Mohamad Rasoul Allah”. The prophet Mohamad (peace be upon him) used to raise it in incursions. It was named “Al-O’okab” because this is the name of a bird not accepting any other bird fly with or over him.

[7] Definition of the term: al-Dajal (Antichrist): the verb meaning is: to hide or cover something. al-Dajal: person using camouflage. al-Dajal means the anti-Christ which makes truth as false, it is named Dajal because of his lies, he covers the truth by his lies, each liar is named Dajal. In hadeeth it’s mentioned that in the end of era there will be Dajaloun: means liars using camouflage.

[8] Hillary Clinton. Former US foreign minister. The New York Times. Tim Arango. He translated it for the London journal al-Shark al-Awsat. June 17. 2014. N· 12985

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[22] The term of Sahwa is launched by Petraeus on groups of “mokawama sharifa:honorable resistance” in Iraq which were recruited to fight the Islamic State. 2006.

[23] Abou Maria al-Harari. Qaeda of Syria. Twitter. June 12. 2014

[24] Abou Omar al-Baghdadi. Al-Fourqan foundation. Audio speech.2007.

[25] According to official US sources. Only US treasury. there are unofficial numbers showing that the budget spent on Afghanistan war exceeded 3000 billion of USD. The US account is only one among 80 occupying countries’ accounts, most important of them the NATO countries like France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, UAE, Jordan..and other supporting countries named AISAF.





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