Tweets about facts concerning the Islamic Caliphate’s State #IS and #Qaeda .. file updated constantly 


written by S.Qutub,taught by A.Azzam, globalized by Ben Laden, being real by Zarkawi, carried out by the 2 Baghdadi:Abu Omar & Abu Baker 


ISIS: 8.June.2006 the world has lost a man who named,Ahmed Alkhlaiah called Abo Musab Alzarqawi; Zarqawi didn’t complete the forty year to foundation a state expanded from Iraq to Sham (Syria)


Sheikh Ousama was not consulted nor giving order in founding of the #Islamic_State but was content and blessed it, and Dr. Zawahiri was not consulted nor giving order in founding of the #Islamic_State but was not content and instigated against it!!!


Dread empire of the Antichrist (UN.NATO.IRAN) of the #ISIS conquests Make #UN :deeply worry #NATO :an emergency meeting #IRAN :help America


Today the History has inscribed that Al-Qaeda stood against #ISIS that’s the same position towards it from the Dajal Empire(UN.NATO.IRAN)


Attitude of #AlQaeda towards the Islamic Caliphate’s State conquests looks like attitudes of moderate islamists towards the #US 9/11 defeat


Maqdisi asked #IS soldiers to leave it in favor of Qaeda. Battalions of Qaeda,fighting groups & tribes hastened to pledge allegiance to #IS


They say Bayaa to Mulla is “Great Imamate”,Mulla says “we’ll protect borders +good-neighborly relations & intervene not in countries affairs


Qaeda says:grace for precedent.Caliph says:grace for sincere.#Quran confirms-satan preceded & punk! Ben Ba’aoura preceded & slough as dog!


They said about #IS #Qaradaoui: it’s illegitimate #Ghanoushi: Escapade #USA: Meaningless #Iran: Criminality #Maqdisi: heinous plot


Abu Mosaab Souri about Algeria Jihad: “Abu Qatada Falestini was Mufti of fighting groups & interpret killing of as-Said & his friend Rajjam”. Today Abu Qatada reacts similarly giving fatwa to Qaeda of syria & other groups to kill #IS soldiers & considers them as “dogs of Hell”.


Zawahiri admitted Joulani by Caliph Baghdadi Tazkiyah. Julani

betrayed.Zawahiri adopted him,accepted Tazkiyah while rejected Caliph’s advice


soldiers named “Khawarej” by Qaeda-Syria “Ben Maljam grandsons” by Zawahiri, shelled by Obama orders, Ikhwan instigation & Maqdesi fatwa


Maqdesi shelling on coincided with US air-media shelling on it. He said the same saying of Maleki that “IS distorts Islam”


Today Qaradawi & Maqdesi converge in one way beacuse of their monopoly of thinking in mentality of “Rabbis and Monks”


1-On 2004 Maqdesi failed to stop Jihad.On 2005 Intelligence released him to appear in AlJazeera to throw his arrows broken on Zarkawi’s rock


2-Maqdesi on AlJazeera: going to for Jihad is Holocaust! Zarkawi replied:”your words are rescue for Bush whom mercenaries spread.


3- Zarkawi warned him from slitting Mujahideen rank, accused him of surpassing legitimate advice full of errors for other aims than advice


4-Maqdesi repeated US say,he’s sheikh of Zarkawi who refuted it. Now throws arrows at Syria making soldiers blood licit. Claim:”Khawarej


5-Jihad yield State.Intelligence leaked Maqdesi msg to ruin its building,that pushed his followers to instigation reached Yemen


6-Yemen Qaeda voice ignored Caliphate matter & US-British-French-Iran shelling,it focused on discord & talked about “events” as -Izzat Dawri


7-Failure of instigation, success of ranks cleaning! USA realized: Caliphate Spring people are tied to Allah not men! It moved to kill them.


1 Media:”Zawahiri leader of “. Obama:” in way of defeat”.In the same year sent Jabhatu Nosra to Sham.


2 In 2013: extends to Sham & annuls naming of Jabhatu Nosra.Zawahiri refused & opened new branch its mission being clear later


3-2014:His double speech was: To : are Ben Muljim grandsons against them he instigated. To people:Baghdadi is Prophet’s grandson


4 Campaign started. in Sham said Caliph is apostate & Caliphate is myth led by Baathis Ghulat & created fighting allies against


5 Joulani said he had hundreds youths waiting signal in to fight . Abu Maria former leader in Sham apologized to Sahawat


6 After Ansarul Islam statement of Baya’a to , many websites denied it,trying to re-form themselves in Iraq under that name


7 Maqdisi gave them fatwa to fight under pretext of “Ghuluw & iniquity”. He advised them to be united against which “distorts Islam” 


8 Maqdisi wore Yusuf shirt & spoke his brothers’ talk. Even Obama in speeches couldn’t find pretexts to fight as Maqdisi did


9 Zawahiri failed to stop extending to Sham & announces branch “Indian sub-continent” fears extending to India and Khurasan 


10 Zawahri ignored Dajal Empire (UN-NATO-Iran) crowd against & cared not of Muslims there. His branch in fights


11 marketed itself “moderate”; released West+Lebanon captives & said it harmed not humans & asked delete of its name in Terror list


Some voices last one their Emir, mute knowledge of state & look like isolated from the world or live in Atawi/Harari world


In statement #AlQaeda saw that #Baghdadi removes tawhid from Yemen muslims to extent of twist of his saying!Accusation of takfir of muslim


In its demise statement #AlQaeda said they were glad of #IS conquests in #Iraq! In the same time #caliphate exports fitna not conquests


He deluded people by fitna!Is it sieving or polytheisme?if sieving, it’s divine sunnah to distinguish slag from good and sincere from liar


Sheik Ousama was thinking how overthrow US+kill Obama,if he
talks Dajal empire lived in horror!While successors seek overthrow #Caliphate


Zarkawi:we’ll announce an Islamic Emirate
Abou Omar:Baqiyah
Abou bakr: #Caliphate enxtends
Events prove that their sayings now are reality
whether with might of the mighty or with humiliation of the humiliated


Events showed among him who engraft not Quran!exp he cared not of Mubahala & couldn’t evaluate its results. He reaped none but loss


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